Shark Week


One week in June, Discovery Channel shows a lot of stuff about sharks. Shark Week 2016 has started already. Watch it. Now.

Showing now: Isle of Jaws
Next: Shark after Dark

Say Something Random 2

cinema sins did a “everything wrong with Jaws” it’s actually really good


That’s not Shark Week. Go watch the Discovery Channel. Or look up Shark Wedk.


I know, I just thought this thread was about sharks…


Is it bad I mixed Shark Tank with Shark Week?


No. It sounds like there are actual sharks in Shark Tank, but there aren’t.

@reactiveisland5 It’s ok. If you want make a shark thread or a Jaws thread.


it’s OK, I just thought it fit the title.

a mod can delete my previous things now.


Shark Tank is a show that has 4 judges and a person and they have a presentation to show off their product they want people to buy. 4 Judges means only 4 fundings


They should change the name of the show then.


Katt here. I really like sharks. xp Pretty excited for this!


I don’t think anyone would’ve guessed it was you.


Who are you again?


I honestly don’t know anymore.


Does anyone find it weird that a Snake, Katt and a Snow Leopard is in a shark thread?


There are such things as a Leopard Shark you know.


I used to love Shark Week, but it hasn’t been the same in a long while.

And I don’t have cable!


I actually forgot about them until you mentioned haha


Edited out as per moderator request.

On topic, I loveeeeeeeeee Shark Week. It’s the bee’s knees, and I’ve never used that term before, so you can imagine just how awesome I find Shark Week. I like sharks. I like how they look. I like just saying the word shark. Shark shark shark shark shark shark. Seriously, try it. It’s a hilarious word. Shark shark shark sharks. Sharkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.



Oh man, a shark ate the comments. D: