Sharing my music progress!


Working on a new tune. If you like techno style, you might like this. It’s a WIP so if you notice any errors I am probably aware of them haha. Tell me what you think!

Annnnd this


Sounding good! One thing I noticed though is that at the pre-chorus, the drum track goes back in half a bar early, but I don’t know you if you meant to do that lol. Post updates, I’d be love to hear it!


Sounds like it would fit in with KING OF FIGHTERS. :slight_smile:


It does sound like it could :0


That’s decent! I’ve always wanted to get into making electronic music so may I ask, what do you use to make it?


Are you up to making music for short films? We have a 2 minute short film we’re putting together. We have some temp music, but usually it’s more interesting to do a full collab.

We’re a “hobby team” right now so there won’t be any pay, but 2 minutes running time isn’t going to cause the death of anyone.

We’ve won 3 festival awards for our first short film from 2012 and long story short is that we’ve been finetuning our craft and we have this 2 minute “glorified test reel” that we think could use some music.

It’s basically a bit like “Overwatch meets 2001 Space Odyssey”.

To give you an indicator of where we’re at, here’s some test renders of one of our props.


I may be interested in helping you out. I just need to know the style of music you’re wanting to go for. And if you need audio first or make the clip and then have me make music for it?


Lots of software:

-Ableton Live 9 (DAW)

-Massive (Digital Synth)

-Melodyne 4 (Pitch editing for vocals)

-Kontakts Una Corda (Digital Piano)

-Sausage Fattener (Makes synths FAT)

-Valhalla reverb (Quality reverb VST)

and I forget the name of the vst I use to check and control phasing and what not.


Now you need headphones built for making music, two good monitors (monitors being speakers), a audio interface to plug all the equipment in, maybe some hardware synths, and… a midi keyboard controller.

At least that’s most of what I have… I spent too much money on this hobby LMAO.

If you want to go on a cheaper budget all you need is the DAW and some digital synths. But the headphones/monitor speakers/audio interface really helps.


Can you sort of interpret the music with a rough animatic?
The Composer we worked with last did a rough demo based on animatic, and then finetuned it after beauty renders.

Please PM to me your email address. :slight_smile:


Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I have sent you my email and also I have another little space-ish thing to share.


I think we can talk about the style for this particular short film when we can get out of here and into the email. :slight_smile: I checked my PM and I don’t see your reply there with your email address.

I am certain you have the “musical range” for what we’re doing. :slight_smile: