Sharing my awesome experience today

Logged into Evolve today, got my daily reward (YEAH!), then signed off.

I feel that no matter how hard some of us try, our opinions aren’t being answered with the correct responses. I’m worried about the future changes of this game, only skilled players matter, whatever that’s suppose to mean. Probably some live-streamers that are shilling in players or someone who found the rabbits foot.

The best part is I got rewarded for nothing & it was all the nothing I ever needed. Now I ended up here & signing off.

P.S. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Well what you completely feel is entirely wrong. Also, your title is click-baity as all hell. In the future, please refrain from creating titles such as that. Thanks.

Is there an experience you can give me feedback on that I can use to improve Evolve?


TRS has some questionable balance changes sometimes, but they most definitely listen to the community. Look at the whole winstreak issue. They even said in the patch notes that based on community feedback that it was the wrong way to go about it.

I don’t think heavenly light shining on albinos and a :exclamation: over the monster are needed in high level play. These, along with others, are changes to help with newcomers.

btw, the tl;dr for this post = give me attention!

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I would guess he dislike the current match-making where 1hour played people get matched with 3000hours played people
so if he is the 1 hour guy,he gets flamed and losse. If he is the 3000hours guy,he flame others and can’t carry game.

Also ofcourse all the hunter nerfs and monster buffs paired with that,make pub games very annoying.

With coop vs ai,there is option to enjoy chill games now where ppl do not get mad.You should try it,you can join me if you want.

They created co-op so the newer players could cut their teeth against an AI monster, and what do you get? Attitude and insults.

My experience actually was awesome. I tried playing S2 for the first time, and had a blast. With pubs! I think Evolve is absolutely heading in the right direction. I’m sorry you don’t feel the same, OP :confused:


Plenty, but since I cannot see the future changes of this game I can only look at what I vision to fit currently. I’m not here to give a full detailed explanation it will only cause the loop effect. I’ll start with 1 to see if you follow-up on it.

Slim - Spore Launcher needs a tune-up (A mass request by many)
Most players don’t care because they know you’re capable enough to figure out what to do when they demand a change for something. For 2 patches you haven’t done anything to Slims Spore Cloud Launcher.

One suggestion for Spore Cloud is based upon a small group of friends here is a set example:
It needs a additional effect like (blur monster vision) similar to “Steamadon” where the Monster can still use (Smell) to see out of it. If you need to go down to 1 spore cloud for this change then do so by all means. Currently it’s ineffective against experienced Monster players.

I’m not asking you to specifically do it my way, we want you to something about it to improve it. I’m not going to discuss anything else about Slim.

Good luck

Could you explain what you’re referencing here? I think I missed that.

I would also like to know, I watch many live streams, several forums (Evolve-related) & I don’t see anyone who is fully satisfied with changes lately. It’s like players don’t know what they want or the right information isn’t making it’s way there, how it’s worded is very important.

  • Telemetry is statistical data - not feedback.

Well… that spore launcher should really be improved.

We are working on the spore launcher after we are done with some of the final Shear madness content.


They stated since launch of stage 2 they’d rework spore launcher but there are other prioritys.

I have no idea why people are so demanding on TRS when big games like League of Legends takes months to rework or overhaul a character who’s been lackluster and it’s completely fine. Games take time to change.

I think people don’t realize this is ACTUALLY a beta and treat it as most betas from other games where it’s mostly a demo version with some bugs e server stress tests to be taken and nothing more will change till the full release.

Didn’t copy completely right, but it’s essentially what was said.

It’s not like it’s a bad thing, if you sold or gave away a product & people are demanding more are you going to ignore them?

As far as I’m concerned the only priority should have been the fix for Wraith (Decoy) in fact it should of been updated sooner because of how toxic it was getting, it needed immediate attention. The new forced map variant is probably one of the most disliked & I don’t think this was carefully planned at all. I made a long post about deployables being easily destroyed by 1 Monster AoE, yet they released a map with Meteors that do way too much damage & also destroy deployables. I feel like I just got drop-kicked in the face.

The only responses I get in return from the community are “git gud” that type of behavior does not solve problems. I find this quite amusing though, usually some odd days later they’re complaining over the exact samething.

Game mechanics should be tested as soon as possible, like a change to Slims Spore Launcher.

I got to say, this made me laugh quite a bit because I literally did this a few seconds ago. I’ll probably start playing again when the new monster adaptations are out. I’ve already primed enough monsters, I could do Kraken and Meteor Goliath but judging from the quality of matches I’ve had up until now, that sounds boring & tedious.

For those that are curious

Wish I could see all my losses in one place.

This is basically where I’m at & I usually find myself in very long queues due to how imbalanced some of the hunters are & it’s really bad, it only makes sense as to how many players leave after a pick is made for instance like Torvald.

Then you go the forums & post concerns, players will then tell you to “git gud”, you’re telling me that hundreds of players leave games before it’s even started because they need to get better at Torvald? His kit is aweful due to mortar lock restrictions with forced auto-fire & reload on both mortar & shotgun. We get the fact that his damage is good but the uptime on it is absolutely horrid compared to other assaults & is extremely punishable against experienced Monsters.

I’m not going to sit here all day & explain the negatives about each hunters my point is they all have some interesting lore & kits but most of them really need adjustments. These simple modifications of buffs & nerfs aren’t getting us anywhere.

I had probably over 20 friends consistently playing, ranging from hunters to monsters, now everyone is going in-active & are becoming bored with the changes. I can’t even find a quality group anymore because most of them got tired of it & people are leaving games because of flawed hunters, I can’t blame them.

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Then why is Wraith still getting nerfs?