Share your workspace!

Show us your workspace! Mine’s pretty mundane since I moved desks not long ago, most of the stuff on my desk is from other people. I’m shooting for a window seat pretty soon here…


I don’t see that as the same thing. Workplace =/= battlestation.

I wish I had a fancy workplace. But nope, I get distracted at my battlestation.


I didn’t ask for nobody’s medical opinion.

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Don’t mind the clutter


I need too much screen space to turn one of my monitors sideways…now if I can convince them to get me a third monitor then we’re in business lol.

Mine is SO BORING! I would have the Funko Pop Goliath on my desk but things “disappear” from my desk all the time.


This is where I work every day. Had to close my screens though because of the NDA


Yeah, my computer is locked for the same reason, my desktop is to cluttered to just minimize everything lol. And the Assasin’s Creed and dinosaur models are great!

What is that little shark from?

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Astro case, spinosaurus, and Count Chocula. :+1:

That filing cabinet there in the bottom left, you see it? The bottom drawer is filled with toys that I switch out when I wanna play with something else lol this week I wanted my J3 spino.

I also got a Jar Jar Binks Lollipop that I refuse to “eat.” It’s in my pencil cup.

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Haha, that’s too cool. I have so few toys on my desk (there’s one off to the side of my picture you can’t see, but that’s just a Luchador doll lol).

That shark looks too pleased.

It’s Bruce from Finding Nemo!! I love him so much


That’s why he looks familiar!

My work station is a cash register

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The tease is real lol

“Super secret stuff” The next drink for the stream? :stuck_out_tongue: