Share your sole survivor experiences in Evolve


I’ve got plenty of such that I wanted to know how often you fellows actually have interesting/horrifying/awesome experiences in-game while being the sole survivor of the team against the Monster.

My most recent one was horrifying. I was Lennox and playing a losing round of arena against a Behemoth. I decided to bolt and hide when the round timer shows up and the Behemoth was chewing up Caira. For a good long while, I was facing one side of a pillar, hearing absolutely nothing and waiting to see or hear the Behemoth rolling towards me. When I decided to check behind me, you guessed it, he’s there, crouched and prepared to pounce. I got one hit of my lance on him before he pounced me but about 10 seconds was left on the timer so I brought up my shield and the round ended in a draw. Gave me a good scare.

Another memorable one I have was me as Caira, basically running from a Behemoth and his minion all over the map when they managed to kill the rest of my team. He tried very hard to pounce me or hit me with Tongue Grab but I kept making nicely timed dodge and so many times, I heard his rolling/footsteps right behind me as I kept running. Once, I got pounced by him but a nearby, pissed off Tyrant attacked and forced him to release me. I survived long enough for my teammates to respawn, though we ultimately lost the match.

So how about you people?


I don’t think it can get any closer than this.


I raise you. Sorry for potato quality.


Wow. That timing. I’m pretty speechless.

Hah I felt bad for the Wraith somehow.


My favorite sole survivor game was when everything else died.

I was the monster.


Back when Tier 4 was just released I was playing as Sunny with dum dumbs as teammates and I had Health Regen as my Perk (and was a better Medic than my Medic).

Fusion Plant, Hunt fighting a Behemoth with Slim, Markov and some Trapper who didn’t do enough for me to remember.

By the time I thought the game was decided Behemoth hit Stage 3 with near full Health and snagged a Health Regen and two teammates were still charging the prick.

They died.

Just me and… who ever…

Can’t remember all the stuff cuz it was awhile ago but my teammates were idiots. I tried to jetpack boost them but they only ever went into his belly and not away or up or anything smart.

I had to use mad juking Skills vs a Behemoth who went 3 Lava, 3 Fissure and 3 Rock Wall… no Tounge Grab.

He was actually trying to Cheese the Relay after I burned through about all his Armor and a quarter or so of his health alone. Sure idiots respawned every two minutes but they maybe took two health bars in total and that was it. I was the Assault in Support clothing with Medic as my Perk.

I kept hopping back and forth between the two platforms above the Relay and it was so funny to see him hit the top and then jump down to climb my side and by the time he hit the top I moved back… he was so salty I swear.

He snagged me a few times but it was when I was in view of my Shield Drone and he’d either give up punching through it or my teammates would actually be useful within the 30 seconds of their lives and save me.

By the end I had well over 38K damage with the Mini-Nuke Launcher. It was so great. Might not be 100% a solo survivor story but it was close enough to be.


… Oh God, this is bringing back flashbacks of the Bucket Nest match… When I basically solo’d an S3 quarter-health full-armor Behemoth and his minion.

I forget who I was playing with, but one of these individuals could vouch for it, as I know that one of them was there: @Raptor, @DarkMesa, @Hippaforalkus. Pretty sure it was Mesa, though.

To be real, this was probably the most intense moment I’ve ever had playing Evolve, even more so than when I beat a full-health full-armor S3 Kraken as pre-nerf Slim in the cave system on The Dam with only Markov to help me.

I yell a lot as it is, but this made me go nuts…spoiler alert lost round 3


This was a really fun last man standing.


I don’t really recall what to you talking about tbh…


Maybe not the most thrilling thing or best plays in this video, but I was pretty relieved anyway.


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