Share your monster tips!


Looking To start a thread to help other people out about playing as the monster.

As for me. My main is Goliath. Heck…I’ll use Goliath in defend because I love him that much. Even if it’s not the smartest choice for winning lol.


Some of the best perks I’ve found best for Goliath tend to be:

Increased cool down reduction
Damage resistance
feed Speed

I can’t say I’m too much of a fan of movement speed or traversal speed as I never seem to have an issue getting away.

From the beginning I tend to leap a few times away and then directly go into stealth to prevent footsteps as much as possible and going to one of the furthest points of the map so I have time to hunt before the hunters have time to catch up to me.

Right now this is just part of it. I’d love to hear other people’s strategies and what works or doesn’t work for you with either monster.


I agree with you on feeding speed for goliath as I find getting to stage 2 as quickly as possible is important to make you feel confident and give you breathing space if you do get domed. Also with goliath I find the smell range helps perfect your escaping technique, for example with increased smell range I can find a group of birds quite a distance away, I then trick the hunters by rock throwing the group of birds from a distance which makes the hunters think I’m in a part of a map I’m not

For defend Kraken is the best monster as you can attack the generator from ridiculous ranges without taking much damage from the hunters who are busy with the minions to run towards you.

for wraith I don’t even use decoy as my strategy takes full use of his warps and warp blast for high speed movement across the dome arena, I use the cooldwon perk and when I get domed I use all 3 warps straight into the sky and I become a hybrid of kraken being able to glide around but also allows me to use abduction and warp blast to it’s full extent as from the sky the hunters have no where to hide unless there’s a cave. I usually abduct the medic dealing some damage and as soon as he lands go straight in warp blast from the air followed by supernova and bye bye medic and didnt require a decoy at all.