Share Your Hunter's Tricks


Share some of your hunter’s tricks, or specific class combo’s, so it can be added onto here:

Super fast Lazarus Respawn
What you need: A decent Support: Sunny/Hank, a decent Assault(Parnell/Markov) who can deal damage fast, and Lazarus (ofc). Basically, a decent team ->
Also, be wary of Lazarus’ perks.
Either double Cooldown for heal or reload perks for cloak or jetpacks.

Get your trapper on a suicide mission against the monster alone. Say if the monster just evolved to stage 3, the rest of the team head to relay, trapper domes the monster or not, just get incap/killed. Monster wouldn’t suspect this, it would think its an advantage. Works better if the trapper domes the monster far from the relay to spend more time. Monster might even camp trapper’s body in fear of Laz suddenly reviving.

This sets the respawn-dropship timer on countdown. 2 minutes ?

Then the team just fight as usual.
Against Lazarus, if the monster incap someone else, it needs to camp the body risking damage. Lazarus’ revive is 1 second. So this forces the monster to target Lazarus especially, support has to be on duty. Sunny works very well.

If the monster spam continuously on Lazarus, eventually he might go down, as the timer is already on. Usually it would be around 30 seconds or less, for Lazarus and trapper to return.

If the team work well, the monster has to take trips to refill armor bar.

This is better than a fight if Laz is incapped fresh taking 2 minute to respawn. It’s too long and the team would die out easier.

Catch me if you can as Abe

[details=Summary]Use perks mainly for Jump and possibly jetpack too.

If the monster is targetting you as Abe(trapper) , all you need to do is spam the grenade on the ground and keep bouncing yourself in the grenade aura. Time your jetpack properly to evade monster’s special ability.

This is super useful against wraith and goliath. As you jump up and down in the grenade aura, your hitbox is also bouncing and usage of jetpack is minimal. The monster is slowed down, it’s melee attack would easily miss.

Of course, jump around near your team mates, don’t wander too far off. This dribble distracts the monster and allows it to be targeted easily.[/details]

Edit: eep, the spoiler is not working. how to do so it looks neat ?


Your summaries are broken.


Hunter trick n1.

  • Find couple of people with over 2.0 winratio and better than silver rank
  • Play with them
  • Enjoy 1800% increased winratio

Monster trick

  • go random game
  • check hours played
  • One player have under 70hours played? keep playing and enjoy win
  • They have over 150hours played? leave and repeat

You will never find better tips than I gave you here. I guarantee!


like the last one:
They have over 150hours played? leave and repeat


It is especially useful for ranked,It is how I reached gold destroyer on monster while being unskilled and bad at It.


Man, tell the truth, are you level 50 yet ?


:frowning: me ? I’m trying to level as fast as possible man !! its not like i played for 2 years , evolve has only been out a year ?


Yes, YESSS… more of these tricks are needed… Please post them!



The Ultimate Tinkerbell Build

  1. pick cabot
  2. pick perks extra fuel tank,high energy fuel and rocket king and get that sweet 55% flight efficiency.
  3. after 2 mins into the game, kill the reaver elite buff and get a whopping 100% flight efficiency.

with this youll be able to hover in the air for 22 seconds,the way u do this is…

you fly some point high enough where you think the monster will not get you, and instead of holding the space bar, u keep giving it gentle presses from time to time, so u dont gain altittude but u dont lose neither.

  1. tinkerbell the monster
  2. amplify damage the monster.
  3. watch the monster cry standing still like an idiot.

this works well with an assault that can burst the monster very quickly in one place,like blitz markov,hyde,lennox and the best of all, TORVALD just watch him land 2 sets of mortars on the monsters face and see that sweet armor go away in a split of a second.

if theres a renegade abe in your team,DO NOT tinkerbell hoping the monster will be bursted, he WONT. R.abe has awful burst potential,his damage takes a lot of time to kick in, which are mainly dots.

good match ups IMO are goliath,meaty, behemoth, and maybe gorgon.

thats right, goliath even if he rock throws upwards, dont dodge, just shield up and eat the rock, ull be sent flying upwards, but after 3 or 4 seconds ull be able to jetpack again.

gorgon spider web when up close or on the ground is very hard to avoid but, assuming gorgon dosent traversal upwards and spider webs u in the face, its fairly easy to dodge,its the only ability that can fuck u up.

bad match ups are Krakken,and wraith for obvious reasons.

krakken with his op fly, can just plant banshee mines in the air, auto attack u from point blank range or just straight out vortex u out of the tinkerbell.

wraith can just abduct you, the only way to avoid it is to dodge,but ur tinkerbell will be heavly affected.

but what about kelder?

i dont know about him, even thou his skills wouldnt land if not straight out not disrupt you, he can still melee on the air and fly, so i dont know.


nice! but where’s the reaver, in their normal spawn locations ? What colour is the elite buff highlight, sorry noob question. I assume it isn’t red.
Ah yes, so its the 45% fuel efficiency. So its possible.

hehehe, there’s a hidden motive behind this thread


its yellow, theres a god ray coming from the sky with a wrench on it.

if you wanna know the locations on each map. the elite wildlife buff locations on gameplay, its pinned.

if you want pics, i can reply again, but basically…


this buff is located on the entrance of that metal cave on the left of the map leading going foward leading to the other cave.

Wraith Trap

its on a pit full of reavers, i dont remember exactly where.

Orbital Drill

at the edge of the map near a sea of acid, theres a huge pillar suported by other 4 stone pillars on it, which is full of reavers, the buff is there.

Weather Control

right near the sea, close to a carcase of a giant nomad, at the edge of the map.



but why Cabot though, is he truly the best candidate for this trick ?
this trick work with all characters no ?

exception of Assault - yeah i’m a Torvald main. mortars are very powerful for me, even when the team is devastated, the mortar can save the day by removing armor surprisingly fast.


i think kala can do this too, but i think cabot is the one that can do this the most reliably cause his amp is only wasted when the monster takes damage, while kala u need to coordinate the armor reduction. the issue is, kala players usually go for capacity her armor reducer is only 5.5 seconds. It works very well with sunny or hank, since they are very high priority supports.

this is very powerful on medics too, specially on rouge val, and slim and maybe even lazzarus.

if youre wondering about assaults… it only makes sense to take tinkberbell perks if youre going against krakken, but u wont tinkerbell to escape, you will tinkerbell close to him to kill.


aite, have edited your post shorter to the main thread.

i added in the reavers north east of wraith trap. hope that’s correct


Shoot the monster till it’s dead it helps if you aim for the head then you can save some of your bullets and buy ice cream later.


That won’t work- perks do not stack with wildlife buffs. It’ll just choose the greater value.

So you can stack Tinkerbell perks pregame, but if you get the Reaver one, it won’t make any difference since three tinkerbell perks > Reaver perk. Waste of a buff. :stuck_out_tongue:


^ what this guy said. Perks stack with eachother, but not with wildlife buffs.


Indeed. Perks dont stack with buffs


Oh and pls dont listen to this guy. None of this works. Tbh i stoped reading after the lazerus section.


My advice:
-No matter what class you play, when the monster is close and you want to dome him, spread out, run after him, stay close, but ALWAYS have 2 jetpack bars ready in case the monster decides to come and kill you while you can’t dodge.

-Don’t dodge low damage abilities; Keep that JP for Rock Throw/Leap Smash, Lightning, Warpblast, you get the jist, big hitters.

-When fighting Kraken, kill his Banshee Mines. Dodge the Lightning. Normally at this point, Kraken does ignorable damage.

-Vs Gorgon, kill his spiders. That is almost a win button vs most Gorgon players. The spider combos into huge damage if the Gorgon follows on a spider grab.

-If you play a defensive support, the monster will most likely focus you. Run around things, roach (when roaching jetpack does not regen tho), think about the 60% jetpack regen perks that might allow you to dodge that extra ability that will allow you to shield burst a second time and save the day.

Can’t think of anything else atm.