Share some love for players that make this game awesome!


I just had a series of games with a really nice team of guys, we seemed to work well together and it was good fun for the evening. But I just feel like I have to praise a player called CustardMarv (maybe @CustardMarv?) who we got matched with several times through the evening.

They played as a variety of monsters, played a really tight aggressive game with some awesome long range rock throws and particularly tricky spider traps, and they’re a better person than I because I think I would have started queue dodging out of frustration. I hope we gave CustardMarv some fun in return, I know we only picked Sunny the once (didn’t really use her on the chase most of the time either) and I tried to vary up my Trapper in return.

Thanks CustardMarv for being a great sport, if it wasn’t ranked I feel like we could have been a bit more fun as we wouldn’t have been so try-hard :frowning:

Anyone else got any people they’ve played with or against that they want to genuinely give a pat on the back to for being what this game is all about?


Got to say that I’m going to love this thread. It’s a really nice idea as it’s not normally the good sports of players who get recognised. I’ll make sure to bookmark it dor the future. :smile:


SOOO SWEET! Love this thread. To recognize an individual is amazing. THATS WHAT THE FORUMS ARE ABOUT!


There is @10cupcake00 of course, MixelzPixelz, @bobby (see him around occasionally), @DB_Sinclair, xICEWx (I think that’s his name), @SuperBadJuJu, and many many more that I enjoy hangin with.


There is no one really in high gold that I get matches with anymore on ps4…

So unforutnately I cannot participate in this thread.

Other than @Youngmanr6.

Hes a good Goliath.


Oh for sure me and @Vendalra had some great matches against each other . This guy is one beastly crow too, gotta give him props :wink:


Did he murder you by any chance. :smile:

I’ll leave now.


I only had enough time to connect to a quick match yesterday, and it was a really fun arena.

I was put in as Sunny, with Emet, Mad Mags, and Hyde vs Gorgon. The Gorgon was decent, but Emet, daisy, and I were on point, Mags held her own, and our Hyde was ok, maybe a little weak. We won the first, lost the second, and the monster hid until time ran out on the third (was down to 1 bar of health) as Emet and I were the last surviving, camped out in a little area with the shield drone beaming down on us between all the Buoys.

Wished I would have sent a friend request to the player using Emet - if it’s one of you on the forum, my PS4 screen name is “eyedoc81”


It was a great match and thanks for the games. I love a really good challenge and you delivered, keeping the pressure on really pushes me as a monster being matched like that game after game was brilliant. Great fun !

Add us on steam custardmarv I love playing monster


@therubexcube is an awesome player too. Lol.

I play co-op a lot with randoms. And most are pretty bad. Lol. But I always try to give tips and direction to improve their Hunter/role play.
I give basic advice at first. I.e. Wait to use your assault’s shield. Things like that.

And as I notice the person takin my advice and improving throughout our session, I add some other things to it. And it’s so awesome to see someone putting those things to use and visually improving.


Appreciate the love bud. I’m taking an extended break from evolve right now.

I may return soon.


You better man, we need you when Kala comes out. Its been a while.


Yeah I will check her out.


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