Share old & somewhat embarrassing videos of yourself


#An old video of a road trip.

An old roadtrip video, going to city about three hours drive. We went down on one of the older less used route which made for some beautiful and scary sights.

#Cat video

Can you see why I love black cats now?

#This old video series I did talking about Malaysian pop culture at the time

This one makes me cringe when I look back on them.

#A series of fan videos,
Fandoms really were a cool thing back then, because it was really pre-big budget studio era youtube so most of the stuff were made by the people for the people.
###Born this Way - Lady Gaga

This was a submission video I did for a Lady Gaga song there were over 100 people involved and so it was an experience for everyone. Gaga even tweeted about the finished video project one time I believe.

I sadly can’t find the video anymore either Youtube took it down or the creator did but it was basically like this. I was also in some adam lambert fan videos but sadly can’t find it. :frowning:

Well I think that’s all that I’m allowed to share, I did a few story time series from when I was about 13-16 which are wildly inappropriate and I have since set to private.

I live with a regret nothing and embrace the past motto, so its fun going back and seeing this. :laughing:

Thank you for reading and watching, do you have any old videos that are kind of embarrassing when you look back on? If so many share a few of them.


All of them.


Show me, show me all of them!!


I actually have something for this as soon as I find who has it…


god…never. Just watched some old vids. I must bury them in the center of the earth.

EDIT: props to Azmi for sharing however. Takes guts. I had my guts surgically removed to make room for the worthless pennies I’ve been filling my body with since 2000.


I unfortunately cannot get this video of my HS psychology experiment to work properly. I walked into a Wendy’s wearing my mom’s purple bathrobe and a horse head. If I can get it to work properly I’ll edit it in

There we go, it’s pretty shaky because it was done with a phone lol
It’s not super embarrassing cuz I’m covered up, but it’s still kinda funny. I couldn’t understand what the lady was saying at all because of the horse head though lmao


I will have a video sometime tonight hopefully.


That is so cool and weird, can you see though?


Alright. Fuck you all. Fuck this video. Fuck me. I’m the dude in the red shirt. This was 9th grade im in 11th now FYI.




was this a project or for fun?


You don’t get more embarrassing than that right there.


It was a commercial project for our computer class.


I’ve got a picture; do pictures count


I would like to say yes.




I have but one reaction: :laughing:


You win. <tenchar


Sort of? It was very tunnel visioned. Like I couldn’t see anything below a certain point. I have another video of my friend galloping through a Giant Eagle with the horse head and a blue bath robe lol
I honestly have no idea how in the hell he managed to do that. I could hardly walk with the thing on.


This was amazing…
This is :heart:

We’ll see, we’ll see.[quote=“Tboskiq, post:14, topic:87382, full:true”]
I’ve got a picture; do pictures count

As long as its something I guess.

Congratulations, you even manage to surprise me. :astonished: Nice body though.