Shadows bug xbox one


New one for me - the shadows appeared to get stuck, as in I had the shadow of a few rocks permanently on the screen overlapping everything. Damn annoying :slight_smile:


Ive only seen it on refueling station? The canyon one with the reactor out in the open. I like that map alot. Those shadows are freaky those. I saw some numbers and letters on some of the shadows. Maybe its a secret code.


I too have had these “shadows”…its weird, its as though some of the landscape is transparent yet shows parts of the graphics for things in the background or stuff that shouldn’t be normally seen (graphics of rocks or buildings that are underneath the actual play area.

For example, i walk around a big rock which would normally fill up my entire screen naturally obscuring my view of anything else (normal behaviour) yet i am able to see shadows of objects further ahead on the map in the immediate area.

It only seems to affect the actual geography of the map. Characters and monsters are unaffected. Its really annoying me and completely ruins the immersion and vibe of the game and sometimes its very distracting.


Also getting this sometimes hopefully it will get fixed soon


At first I thought you were right, only saw it on the refuelling station, but have now seen it on wraith trap.

Once it’s there though it will remain until I leave the lobby.