Shadow Wraith, Wraith variant idea


Spectral Blast
Wraith dashes to the targeted position creating a large explosion that leaves the surrounding area covered in dark mist for a short duration.
Wraith instantaneously teleports and grabs her target, teleporting back to the original location.
just like Kala teleport pads animation
Wraith sends out a clone of herself to attack nearby wildlife and hunters. Hunters who get close to it will have their field of view darkened.
The Shadow Wraith is able to traverse and cast abilities without affecting her clone.
Wraith enters a frenzied state taking form of shadow itself, buffing her melee attacks and abilities with extra damage and attack speed, as well as movement speed boost at the cost of vulnerability.
Incoming Damage Amplification: 12%
Unlike Supernova, Frenzy does not create an arena for Wraith to fight in, this means Wraith is able to move all over the field without nullifying the effect.
Haunt is not affected by this ability.

so just felt like I needed to post here the ideas Ive had today in the morning.
Thanks for reading!


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