Shadow Realm - EA's answer to Evolve?


Not sure if many of you are still following Gamescom or not, but today brought some interesting news to many gamers.

One huge news tidbit came out of the Konami camp for Metal Gear fans. Metal Gear: Phantom Pain is of course not exclusive to the PS4 and was earlier announced for the Xbox One as well…But today Hideo stunned the people and made alot more very happy. In their media showcase, Konima revealed that Metal Gear will also be coming to PC via Steam as well which is huge to lovers of the franchise who no longer play on Sony consoles or console in general.

The other bit of news came out of EA’s corner. Earlier in the week a teaser trailer for EA and Bioware’s new game came out but it didn’t reveal much as it was rather a short tease. Today they released a longer trailer/gameplay footage and more details.

Shadow Realm, created by Bioware and published by EA is a 4 versus 1 online co-op RPG where 4 players will pit themselves against 1 human player as the “Shadowlord”, which is supposed to be controlling “every aspect of the game”. While it isn’t quite RPG-esque looking in the gameplay and trailer (It more resembles a RPG Dungeon Crawler style), it still holds true to some RPG aspects.

We all know and love Bioware for their story telling, and EA assures us that will be nothing short in Shadow Realm with their “Episodic” story content. EA Promises that the larger story will play out across episodes of Shadow Realm. Does this mean something similar to A wolf among us? Or just similar to the story telling of other Bioware games like The Old Republic?

There is no release date for this game, but some news articles are mentioning sometime later next year. What do you think about this news? Do you think this is EA’s way of combating against the Evolve train?

4 minute Gameplay Video of Shadow Realm


Looks interesting, but not very fun. I don’t think it is their answer for Evolve, but just Bioware doing a new game. I definitely face palmed after looking at the weapons and the overly dramatic flips on basic attacks. Everyone is going to want to play as the girl duel wielding the scythes.


My personal opinion is that it doesn’t really fit next to the same type of gameplay/game as Evolve.

It IS 4v1 in the sense that it has 5 human players, but the gameplay seems more like a Live Quest for Mighty Epic Loot or Tower Defense sort of game in which 4 players go into a “realm” and fight against AI/NPC creatures and traps and such that the Shadowlord “spawns” or puts into the game as play goes on along with occupying monsters he spawns.

I don’t see it being a direct competitor myself since it’s not a shooter and will cater more to those who enjoy co-op built with an RPG feel more than anything. I will be watching this game closely too just to see what comes out of the Bioware/EA camp.

To me it just looks too hack and slash meets God of War meets Tower Defense meets Orcs must Die sort of styles.


I’m hoping that this turns out to be better than initial looks. I really enjoyed Neverwinter Nights (NWN Had a really robust system in place to have a ‘GM’ create things somewhat on the fly) and would love if a company was able to design an on the fly, coop game with one person being the Dungeon Master and creating rooms ahead of the team with traps and treasure loadouts. Could it be this game, maybe not. But something along those lines would really scratch my old RPG/Dungeon Keeper itch.


This looks to be more in line with what the new Fable is doing rather than having anything to do with us.

As a huge Bioware fan, I’ll definitely be picking it up.


Yeah, Fable Legends looks interesting but I’ve never really got into that series since the humor just wasn’t for me in conjunction with the whole Fantasy/RPG genre.

Typically most Fantasy/RPG games I play I enjoy them to be on the more serious side to a degree with slight humor involved. Fable was just, too crazy for my likes lol


You are confused on your terms. RPG’s started with things like D&D, long before people were playing them as video games. 1 person in control as the “Dungeon Master” against a group of players. This game fights that description perfectly.


I don’t know who you are referencing with that reply, but I assume me.

And I’m pretty sure I know what an RPG is. It’s a Role-Playing Game.

And I have no idea what you are talking about when mentioning I am confused on my terms, since you have no where quoted anything to show what you are talking about since the only term I used in all of my posts was RPG.

Sooooo your post…Makes no sense


You said its not an actual RPG, when in fact that’s exactly what it is. It is simply a digital version of D&D that people have been playing for 40 years. So its obvious that you are confused on what makes something a RPG.


Where did I say it is not an actual RPG?

The only thing remotely related is this…

Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word feel? And simply said RPG Co-Op. Since that’s what it is, an RPG Co-Op.

And it’s hardly a digital version of D and D. Just because it’s an online RPG does not make it a digital version of DnD.

Not all RPGs are exact replica’s of DnD. And not RPGs are the same. DnD is a traditional RPG, as we all know and of course a table top. There have been many games that mimic DnD’s traditional styles or adapted it for their in-game Ruleset.

DDO is Digital DnD. Neverwinter Nights is Digital DnD. Hell, the newest and another great traditional RPG game is Divinity, which adapted similar rulesets and is turn based as well.

Now, other RPGs that don’t adopt the same gameplay are examples like PoE, or Diablo. Which are ARPGs or Action RPGs. I put Shadow Realm in similar classification since it is not turn based, is hack and slash based and plays like other similar style games along with other mechanics like Tower Defense sorts or Ubisoft’s Quest for Epic Loot and as Rook pointed out, the new Fable Legends.


the 4v1 is definitely similar, but it looks like it has a different overarching flow. I can’t imagine something like this competing with evolve - the shadowlord hardly looks like a 2 meat snack next to Goliath anyhow :smiley: .


You said it in the actual post I quoted. “While it isn’t quite RPG-esque looking in the gameplay and trailer (It more resembles a RPG Dungeon Crawler style), it still holds true to some RPG aspects.” Its not “RPG esque” and doesn’t hold true to just “some RPG aspects”. It is 100% what an RPG is supposed to be, but in digital format.


RPG-Esque looking in the sense most of us are familiar with. Turn Based RPGs.

This is not RPG-Esque looking for many, due to certain aspects. Aspects being turn based. Dice rolls

And in my very first line, I even SAID it was an RPG.

Do you consider Diablo an RPG?


Its a dungeon crawler, not a RPG. Just because you name your character does not make something a real RPG. “RPG” is a term that gets tossed around way too much, and video games are the cause of that. But 4 people controlling characters, against 1 person who controls the world/environment, is the very basis for a RPG.

Yes its a digital format, so no need for dice, but its premise is that of an actual RPG.


RPG stands for Role Playing Game.

You the player, are putting yourself into a Role and playing it out.

Diablo is classified as an Action Role Playing Game or ARPG. I don’t know what else to tell you there. Dungeon crawler or crawls are also a part of DnD…

You just have a set standard in your mind for what an RPG is, based on your past of playing Dungeons and Dragons, in which you feel that to classify as an RPG you need a human controlled DM/GM too which is clearly not the case and are holding the term RPG to very tight specifics.

Have you ever played a MUD before or know what one is?

Digital formats use dice rules. I’m not talking about literal dice lol Not every RPG uses dice rulesets, that is what I am saying.

So for you to come in here and right away say it’s obvious I am confused on what makes something an RPG, well I guess that makes both of us


One of my best friends is an animator on this game. It looks pretty cool, but I don’t think it will share any similarities with Evolve other than the 4v1 idea.


Even then it’s a dramatically different version of 4v1… At least from what I read. :blush:

And technically, every game is a RPG… Yaay for technicalities! Hehe


As far as I can tell, Bioware’s new game reminds me of Dungeonland. Funny to because Fable’s new game works in a similar fashion just the heroes are third person vs. isometric.

If you want to go back even farther! It reminds me of a mod for Half Life. Still, alpha is open for sign ups and I would never shun a game before playing. So I will give it a shot.


I haven’t read anything about this game and this is the first time I’m hearing of it or seeing anything on it. But just from initial viewing of that 4 minute gameplay video, it looks more like a basic hack and slash game rather than anything that would be on par with Evolve. A completely different game and genre altogether is my opinion.

I’d have to read more on it to make a more accurate determination, but it doesn’t look to me like it was their intention to compete with Evolve. Just simply make a different and unique style Diablo.

It’d be nice if you could design your own levels, populate it with your own creatures, and bosses. That might be interesting.


I’m going to say no. They may be doing the same thing in terms of 4v1, but I think that’s only a superficial similarity. Shadow Realms feels much more, to me, like the board game Descent: Journeys in the Dark. Same idea; play through a campaign where one player plays the ‘dungeon master,’ while all other players play the protagonists. The DM controls creatures and traps and whatnot, and the two forces compete on various missions. Winner chooses the next scenario while both parties gain experience and loot.

That sounds exactly like what Shadow Realms is going to be, and not a thing about it feels like Evolve. I don’t think they’ll compete any more than other games.