Shadow of the Colossus/Favorite Colossus [SPOILERS INSIDE!]


Name your favorite towering beast from the best game ever made, Shadow of the Colossus

P.S. Wander is taller than that.


For sure Avion.


Just added a spoiler warning for the people who haven’t played it yet :blush:


Mine is Gaius, the 3rd


Every single one hm? The game is amazing!


Dirge, I love it so much. By far my favorite .


I’d be surprised if know one did, its so old :confused: .


I only recently finished watching a blind playthrough of it, so I didn’t ^.-


That ending makes me so sad :disappointed_relieved:


Once I managed to find a way to avoid the vortex indefinitely. During that scene the girl actually isn’t on the table, I made the slow crawl across the room, messing up occasionally, and eventually reached it. Her model just wasn’t there, after about five minutes of sadness I just accepted there was never an alternate ending and watched Wanderer fall into the pit.

###Fun Fact: The Developers initially wanted to include an alternate ending but never did.


I forget the name of the one in the coliseum that shoots orange poison clouds. I love that one. The fight was kinda annoying, but it looks so cool.


Definitely Gaius, everything about their fight was so awesome! The path leading up to them, the way they telegraph swinging their sword, climbing to the top of their head and falling onto their nose/beak/thing; it was (and still is) such an exhilarating experience! :grin:
Phalanx is a very close second though!


Phalanx. Beautiful fight and very thought provoking in that it was a peaceful colossus.

Plus landing arrows from what feels like miles away, with 5+ seconds of flight time, always feels awesome.


one of the games i will die to play. but alas. no consoles.


Gotta go with Valus, the first. The awe of seeing him after climbing that cliff was what really hooked me on the game :smiley_cat:


My second is Avion, the 5th Colossus


10 chars


i just wish to play the game :Q_____


That is KuromoriThe 8th


Can’t choose between Avion and Phalanx. The latter is definitely more epic once you get the hang of it, but before you do the battle can be quite frustrating.

The only ones I didn’t like were Basaran with the stupid geysers and Gaius because he single handedly butchered the fun of Time Attack mode.