Shadow of mordor?


I’m on the fence the game looks awesome and I so want to play it. However I’m not a lord of the rings fan so I think that may take away some of the fun. Are any of you guys playing? What’s your thoughts on this?


didnt bother tryin, call me what u will but im sure dark souls 2 is still better xD (atleast for those who also enjoy multiplayer).


I don’t have the game, but I know it’s awesome !


Looks worth the money compared to some games that got released past year/months


I plan on getting it very soon and I have to tell you, if you enjoy fluid combat and dynamic boss characters you’re gonna love this game.


It is absolutely excellent.

Now it is fairly narrow in that combat is the primary experience and almost everything you do boils down to “Kill Orcs”. Having said that, killing orcs is very satisfying due the great animations and fluid controls.

It’s also very deep, you can blend between open combat, stealth, and ranged seamlessly, there are many types of orcs that have different attributes, there are captains who have many special traits and a few weaknesses and they can pop up anywhere. They also remember you (if you don’t know about the Nemesis system, go watch the trailers on youtube. It’s NOT marketing hype, it actually works).

And one thing I like, the game is not afraid to make you outnumbered. In Assassin’s Creed for example you can often just stand and fight until you kill everyone. Not so here, you’re in Mordor. Orcs are extremely numerous, especially in strongholds. Game will easily throw 50+ orcs at you at a time if you’re in a stronghold. Can be difficult.

I also like the way death is handled in this game, it’s a part of the lore that you are undead and can’t be truly killed. Not shallow like Dark Souls where “Oh you lose your souls and then everything resets”. Instead time passes while you are dead and orcs change in power and dynamic side missions resolve.

Probably the first third person action game in a LONG time to push the genre forward in any meaningful way.

Also the PC version is extremely high quality. I’m running on Ultra at 1080p with 780 Ti and my framerate never dips, even with 50+ orcs on screen.


I’ve been streaming it and I like it a lot! Some really fun ideas and mixtures of other games. I do feel like some of the movement can be a bit clunky. For instance, I get stuck on things I am trying to walk around all the time. I also think it looks great, but maybe they could have gone with a bit more contrast in the lighting… It doesn’t feel like the mordor in the movies :confused:

I would definitely buy it if you are a fan of the Batman or Assassin Creed series.


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I have played Shadows of Mordor now for a couple of hours and it is an nice game. It a mix between the Batman games and Assasin Creed. As in it uses the combat system from the batman games and the climbing/stealth elements from the Assasins Creed games. But somewhat perfected it a little (the combat works a little more fluid, as it is easier to work up those combo’s). Also it has a lot of side quests and other stuff you expect from those “open world” games.

If you need to be a fan of Lotr. I don’t think so. I’m also not a big Lotr fan, I liked the books and the first 3 films. But that is what I know of the lore of Lotr. The story in the Shadows of Mordor takes place between the hobbit and the first Lotr movie. So it is more a story on itself. So if you like a good 3rd person action game, this may be the on you are looking for.

You can always see it as a fantasy game with Orcs and other strange creatures with someone humans mixed in :smiley:

Hoped this helped a little :smile:


Yep. The way the whole ‘Nemesis System’ is handled is absolutely fantastic.

If you’re new to Shadow of Mordor, then the system may seem a bit confusing at first. In a nutshell, it’s a hierarchy based boss system that changes based on BOTH your actions and procedural actions of the game. What this means is that there are Uurk captains and warchiefs, the former of whom are much more attainable than the latter (the latter only being attainable after doing high intrigue actions that attract its attention) that change rank frequently and have constant power struggles with one another. These captains and warchiefs (I think?) are all uniquely generated and differ throughout each and every Uruk (the former I know to be true, all captains are unique)

You can influence the natural power struggle by killing captains, influencing their actions indirectly, or by dying. If you kill a captain, a new one will eventually take its place in its old position in the hierarchy. You can also influence the nemesis system when captains do events of their own, like hosting a feast to increase their popularity with his subordinate Uruks, which you can crash to easily kill the captain whilst they’re distracted. When you die to a grunt, they will almost certainly be promoted to an empty spot, simply because of the glory of killing such a high status ranger. If there aren’t any spots, they’ll duel another captain to take their spot, but because they’re very new, will most likely be wiped out.

Now if Uruks successfully kill you, succeed in their missions (e.g. hold a feast uninterrupted) win duels and pretty much do anything else successfully, they gain power levels. Power levels simply dictate how strong and illustrious the Uruk is, low power level (like 4) are easier and are less unique while higher power levels (15) are difficult and more unique. Since the Uruk power struggle exists even without your outside influence, some Uruks will gain power levels and rise up the ranks EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT THERE. So when you die, you respawn, and time passes. Because of this system, an Uruk who was just a lowly captain of a power level of 4 may have slain a higher up, gained power, gained a rank and became a more powerful foe without any influence from you. And this is all done procedurally, nothing is preset in this system.

It was a bit of a speech I know, but I’m getting this game and I can’t wait to start/influence my own power struggles with the Uruk hierarchy. I’m not going to explain branding and dominating in depth because its pretty self explanatory. If you brand an Uruk, it becomes dominated and you control it. This means you can brand captains and the like and influence the power struggle closer than ever before. If you’re gonna buy the game you figure the rest out for yourself.

So tl;dr, the main enemies, the Uruk, have a dynamically and constantly changing hierarchy than can be influenced by you or happen on its own and it is completely unique every playthrough.


I as well really do like this game. I was big on the first couple Assassin Creeds before they recycled the same idea constantly and i love the feel of this game. Nothing like killing some Orcs.


This game sounds very interesting. The nemesis system is cool. Didn’t know they had something like that.


I want to buy it, but it looks faaar to easy. You can just walk into a group of orcs and hit/counter/hit them all until they are dead.


Yeah until they ring an alarm and literally call an entire army of shieldmen and archers at which point it gets hard


I definetly recommend picking up gameplay is very smooth and fun the side missions are actually for once awesome and make you do challenges/bonus challenges like not get seen and kill 10 people or kill 5 people with headshots really great game


It sounds awesome but to be safe I think I’ll rent it from family video first and see how I feel about it


Right and ontop of the warchief you’re trying to kill and the 30 orcs on you now and the captain that was there beforehand a second captain shows up and starts firing explosive arrows in. All this with no regenerating health unless you have an upgrade and kill a captain midfight or run away to herbs assuming there are some growing nearby.

It’s easy to play but takes practice to get good at


Is there a ranged weapon you can use for most fights? Sort of like being a sniper type character. Can you get a bow and take out guys one-by-one without getting into a big hand-to-hand combat situation?


You have a focus meter so things slow down for a second whenever you pull your bow out making midfight headshots easy or picking off a few before the horde gets to you. Your ammo is “wraith arrows” that you regain by draining orcs when you grab them or sneak up on them and suck some of their brain energies with your hand. It’s pretty cool. One of the most fun mechanics with bow is using 2 ammo to (with no range limit) immediately teleport to whoever you hit and do a power attack.


So evry game except dark souls? :smiley:


Some of the war chiefs (i think that’s what third called) have abilities so ranged attack a won’t work on them