Shadow model graphic glitch


So while playing on Xbox One, myself and my teammates regularly have rounds where we see shadows all over the screen. It looks like objects in the world clipping through on our screen, but in shadow form.

Didn’t experience this in the alpha or beta. New to public release.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Not chronic, but persistent for the round and has happened maybe 2-3 times in 10-12 matches.


I have also had this problem. It seems to occur when underneath certain objects; for example, if you look up at a cliff you’ll see the shadows of plants and structures that are placed on higher ground casting down at you.


Ya, it’s definitely a transparency thing. The objects I’m seeing are a shadowy version of what’s behind the immediate graphic environment.


Same texture problem here


I had this happening too, but it was a little more common for me. It was about 2/5 games had this for me. I played probably 20-25 games. When I got my 2 other friends in my hunter group is when it started happening more frequently. When it wasn’t happening to me one of my friends said it was happening to them. I am also on Xbox One.


Bump still having this bug and so are my friends


I only seem to get this bug on Aviary.(XB1)


I’ve seen it a few times on X1 – don’t recall which maps, but Barracks or Armory was one of them.


I have seen this as well. I don’t recall what map though. Definitely was not Aviary though.