Shader problem wasen't it

Well I still get those nasty shudders or lags from 60 fps to almost a lock up in game I had a tech look over my PC and they said it might be in the game. I told him NOT all players are getting it, Yes I ran all needed procedures and it came back with nothing wrong. So some insight might be helpful in getting it fixed or resolved.

Getting those need to hits or dodges are getting more and more difficult to do now. IF you need me to get a recording of this happening I’ll get it done. But for now I have to live with it.

Can you please post your specs including the motherboard? Also are you running any 3rd party gaming app in the background. Might as well have you try to pull any crash logs the next time this happens.

Okay, I will do that. But it’s JUST evolve that’s causing this problem. Nothing else.

I understand, but at the same time you are having the issues and I am not. I don’t think its as easy to simply blame the game, there has to be a correlation between the various people having the issue. We’re trying to figure out what it could possibly be. It’s maddening.

I’m just saying “Why” is it only Evolve, I never had this on my console… This is what so confusing to me…

That EvolveRunWithLog.bat file is coming up as a bad file to my PC and is refusing to download it.

Oh I know, that’s what the devs are trying to figure out.

It’s up to you if you choose not to use the file. It’s hosted on a google drive so that is probably why your browser is flagging it.

Okay, I will attempt to download it again. I don’t mind those random outburst in spikes it’s that I’m just wonder why some are affected and some aren’t. And do you need my Dix file or what for my Motherboard?

Just the brand/model. One person who was having a similar issue had two identical rigs, with the mobo being the only difference. It worked on one, but not the other.

I got that program to work and it started up Evolve and it ran for a few seconds and then closed…

How do I show my DXDIAG file or whatever, so confusing >.<