Sexy Wraith?!?! (A.K.A. Random Discussion Thread)


This is going to seem really weird… But has anyone else noticed how the wraith’s hips don’t lie?

Holy crap. Please don’t think I’m weird. (hides)

EDIT: Just to clarify I am referencing this image…

Sexy savage goliath
Just saying that this would have made a great wraith skin
Sexy Wraith Fanart; I make no apologies
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Who is sexier Val or Wraith
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Necro's quest to the top of the forum food chain
It is RELEASED (depending on timezone), brothers

The devs have stated that Wraith is meant to be feminine. Any arousal this causes in players, however, is between you and your counselor.


The Wraith has a very feminine body, which is probably why she’s always referred to as a she. Seems to fit her because she’s all about messing with people’s heads. Doesn’t Abe have a line about this?


I’d hit dat.


Yeah he does it is

And it is my favourite line in the game.


I think it’s more like “Am I crazy, or does that thing have tits?” but to be fair I’ve never heard it in game, just saw Matthew quote it.

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Lets not make this go over the top now… we still shoot monsters.


I copy pasted the quote from Matthews post. After I asked him for the exact wording.


Ah, fair enough.


… with an orbital barrage.


maybe…that face though…



This is exactly what we wanted… that weird feeling when you look at her :smiley:

Necro's quest to the top of the forum food chain

I think Goliath is sexier… Those big muscles drive me crazy… more weird feelings ever with upcoming Behemoth <3


The Wraith’s overall appearance reminds me of the Young Lady enemies from Transistor.

Just the way that they both seem to emulate the human shape and only manage to get halfway there… Of course, its also sort of funny, because the Young Lady’s entire schtick is that, when damaged, it drops a decoy and teleports away. :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally agree with Goliath, but Behemoth? Doesn’t he have like his intestines hanging out and such? Lol


!0/10 would bang if she didn’t supernova me on sight


You’re pretty damn weird bruh


I can see where this is going. I can see it devolving (heh) into another overly…physical… thread. I can see the mods closing it down.

I can smell the anguish of the OP as his thread is butchered in front of him.


It isn’t really that bad… yet.

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