Sexy Trapper Dome

I used to think the dome was cool looking, my heart racing as I threw it down to deploy. Around 200+ hours of gameplay, I started noticing weird things happening to myself. I cant sleep, I can’t eat. I just sit there at the dinner table, looking at my potatoes thinking how much it looks like a dome.

The protective walls saying “I’ll hold you in and keep you safe, but I’m naughty and revealing”. The blue see through hue like sexy blue undergarments.

I just can’t get her out of my mind, she’s sleek, she’s beautiful, she’s something any man could ever want.


That is a very weird fetish :neutral_face:

Is it bad that I’m legitimately not surprised by this???

well fuck

this is one for me
anyone else?

(Just as a question why was my post hidden even though the creator of the post liked it?)

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Stop trying to usurp sexy behemoth.


Sry for the bad reply but…
for me its Daisy
who can deny her

Looks like a pokemon

Gotta catch em all!

…This is the third one…

No, it’s… Actually the first, which is more disturbing.

No, as in the third “Sexy” thread…

The other two were jokes.

…This one I’m not so sure about.



<Contemplating my existence is fun.

No more of these “Sexy” threads, please.