Sexy savage goliath


The savage goliath skin looks BADASS!!! Really loved how you used red and blackish grey on goliath, really cool. I haven’t even play with the default or magma goliath cause the savage skin is so cool!!! I’m trying to get the elite skin for it and maybe the other monster skins. You guys are amazing! Never gotten bored from this game and I will keep supporting you guys!!!:wink:


I thought this was gonna be a weirder version of this

Savage is a neat skin, hopefully in the future we could see it on some of the other monsters too. It’s too good to be for only one monster


We don’t talk about that topic.


Yeah I saw that topic too. It a bit wierd at some points.


I came in expecting it to be like the wraith topic.
Now I’m disappointed.


lmao :laughing:


I buyed the pre order version of evolve with savage skin, but when i start the game with goliath, i have just the grey goliath, how can i choose the SAVAGE skin ? oO


Go on Goliath, click customise and then press the red arrows on the side and then there should be the savage goliath.


Thanks scart101 . . . got now the savage skin . … . i have a other problem, in the main menu there is a wallpaper or something, and the message = The Newspeed is not aviable, contact the support ! ? oO


I don’t really know, I just ignore that stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No one likes my topic :’(


I do :smiley: