Sexy Behemoth


Okay, I’m sorry, but Behemoth looks so squishy and lovable. He’s totes boymonster material. He’s buff, has a lot of personality, and is a total bad boy. Chicks dig that. And he has the nicest smile!

Honestly, Behemoth is sooper cute. Like, totes adorbs. I love him. He is my all. My everything. My boo-bear-hemoth. Talk about how sexy you think he is here too! :kissing_heart:

Come here to pay your respects

This is bound to not end well.





I’ve decided to not instantly close this thread because of what happened on the other. This is a fresh start. However, off topic does not mean post whatever you want. Keep it on traack, keep it clean or I’ll have this one Pushing Daisies :smiley: with the other.


Yes master! You can count on me to keep it clean, m’lord.


I don’t know… That tongue isn’t that bad… And he’s such a nice monster under that hard shell. And his eyes, so dreamy; no?
He’s got his faults, but he’s sexy on the inside.


Rock hard, what’s not to like?



He is the definition of beauty on the inside, he is just a little butterfly in the center :blush:


Oh no… 0_0


Rock hard, what’s not to like?


Some of you are all 31 flavors of fucking crazy…

Carry on.


Aren’t we all a little crazy on the inside? I mean, you’re Batman within Batman.


I refuse to just pass on that Sexy Wraith is locked.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Unlock Sexy Wraith OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


Please do not double post and please refrain from posting sexual innuendo.


I sure can appreciate all the guts Behemoth has, makes me feel safe when he walks me home at night :blush:

Still hate you for stealin my idea. Also. Dat tounge.


I was avoiding talking about the tongue for obvious reasons.


Hence the spoilers ya dolt >_>