Seven: Cabot's Story


Nope, Cabot's story was the last.


Did we get part 3 of The Sword?


We did !!! smiley


Must read!



Please consider talking to your fellow co-workers about including a simple lore tab in the game menu, where you can read some stuff about characters including your awesome background stories. Should be fairly easy to implement, anyway. I used to be playing since alpha and I just realized a week ago this game actually has a story, when I bumped into this thread by chance. It completely changed my opinion on this game and all the pre-drop dialogue made much more sense all of a sudden. It was an entirely different experience, at least for me, and it was the moment I really started caring about this game, the universe it's settled in and the characters. It's a shame the stories are only available to players who visit the forums. Don't deny that experience to other players by hiding the amazing stories locked up in the depths of the forums. The actual story should be in the actual game and you did such a great job that it's a shame it's not in the game!

Heck, that lore tab could be used to boost sales of actual themed skins. People who loved "The Sword" series are more likely to buy the skin packs, if they know the actual story behind it (and you folks rework the skin pack into something cooler than a half-recolored gun that doesn't even match the color scheme of the character at all). Think of the possibilities! Not just a skin, but a skin with a story behind it! People would love that. Give people more value and they'll gladly give you their money...and even love you for taking it.


i love these stories if any body that works with art sees this i would love to see buckets original shell


Come on Matthew, we can barely wait for the next story :smile: Lazarus' would be terrific!


This was the last story, dude 😭


Or is it? @Matthew has said he has plenty of more stories written out, including ones for the 4th group of Hunters! wink


I completely forgot he said that! Thanks man for reminding me about that!


He just needed a scapegoat. If his information's wrong, @SlinkyGuy can now blame @Matthew for not having the stories written, and he won't be in trouble for anything.


I know I'm late but I think Abby is "Happy"


Bucket is a ba***!! Who would have figured!? wow great job Matt! Now I understand what Bucket and Abe's comments are in the dropship...=D


Bucket and Carol from the Walking Dead should go bowling together....



OH SHIT RR 40A WAS BUCKET THE WHOLE TIME. I should have known deep -.-" great story!!




Nice job! I seriously love all of your stories! <3 I was sort of muttering to myself "PUNCH him! Punch the bastard! You can do it!" The entire time. Jesus I hate those sort of people. But it's more fitting that way. I don't know what a red lion is, but I do know what a feline is. shutters If red lions are anything like lions or tigers on Earth then I can just imagine what will happen to the guy.
They call tigers "man-eaters" for a reason, you know.


Glad you liked it!


so bucket,torvald and slim are safe then huh? probably lennox too as with that suit makes her a monster of an assault.