Seven: Cabot's Story


Is it possible to get a pic of the old and new Buckets.


I'm 5 days late but I'd be damned if I didn't find this story... Bucket and Cabot will be a great team to have during hunts... Cant wait to hear what they would talk about in game...


I would ALSO like to hear what Cabot and Bucket would say on a hunt!


Too bad they're both support then


"You ready to do this old friend?"
"Indeed! Let's "Arthur Rank" this thing!"

I would die if this was an actual in-game convo.


Keeps slipping from my mind, but still having either in the team will bring some form of story telling. smile


Even more reason we need a 12 v 3 mode smiley



Can't help but notice there wasn't a story this week. Please tell me tell me there are more... or I will cry


I have written more, but for the DLC heroes.


WOOOOOOOoooooooo....... !! (I ran out of breath)


The tease is so real!


You didn't. You did not sign up to work for a company that gives us very high-quality products for a few days, then takes them away, before showing us a glimpse of more high-quality products, getting you to write some killer fiction for them, then tell us that you wrote some killer fiction for them but not give it to us. You didn't just do that.

You guys are really living up to your name, huh...TurTROLL Rock Studios! Heh...


that's awesome. every story written so far has drawn me in. keep up the great work. I can't wait to read up on Hyde, Laz, and Griffin


So no more stories until the DLC hunters are announced?


Epic title. Heroes of Shear. Maybe they are the ones who save the 'Hunters' from the Monster Demise on a winning Defend :smiley:


Actually cow, while i was playing evacuation, my parnell buddy dropped in and he stated ''this was our only ship left''
and cabot ( me ) responded something on the ways of ''i think there is another way'' excitement rises


Now I'm curious if we will ever see what buckets old body looked like


FUUCCKKK YOU!!!! I was just getting ready to post the real Red Lion but you beat me to it lol.


That was incredibly enjoyable, if there is a Evolve Novel, I would totally pick it up this "reading" thing my parents once nagged me about when I was younger.

I would totally get into this over a campfire, oh tell us more oh story teller!


@Matthew I just finished this one... another one lost in the tide of new threads lol. Fantastic work again Matt. Have I missed anything else since The Sword?