Setting Keybinding for Mic in Controller?


So is there a way where I can set a button for the mic on a controller (X360)? I just bought a controller the other day and I can’t seem to set it because it’s not in one of the preset commands. Is there something I’m missing or is the feature just not implimented? If not it’d be nice to see instead of dropping your controller everytime I need to type something. ~(•3•)~


It has been recommended before, but for now the best option is turning off push to talk and staying quiet in the games. Or you could get a third party program to remap the g key to a button on your controller, like @HostileParadox did. If you even have a free button that is (I think the start button might work?).


Interesting, how do I do that? I plan on, if I could, changing the mic key to Select (I switched the map to left analog click so I can open map while running.) With hold-Select-for-mic, I can still run and speak :3


Try downloading that program and see if it works.

Don’t pay money for it. Try the trial version first to see if it works.


At this point I don’t think it’s going to get done in-game by the devs.
I’ve been barking up this tree since Evolve’s launch and at this point I’ve just given up.

But if you use a third party mapper, I suggest mapping it to the left stick click/push.
Normally that is set to run I believe, but you can set the options menu to just always run by default.
I don’t know why anyone would want to walk instead of run in Evolve.

@Shaners Any word on this?


If this is a 360 issue we can’t push any updates live currently.

I’m sure this would be an awesome feature we can stick in in the future.

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It has been added to our log! :blush: :sunny: