Setting a Level Requirement for Ranked Matches


I know there have been similar threads to this one but I feel they don’t get the attention that I believe this topic deserves. To me, this is an issue that relates to nearly all the veterans who play the game (which are pretty much the only ones still aboard the ship).

Can we please put a level requirement to play ranked matches?

It’s nothing against new players. The truth is, the game is competitive, and sometimes very tough to play in concert with other players. People often have high expectations for their teammates when playing these matches because the rank that they have worked hard to achieve is on the line. And for people who are new to the game and haven’t had the time to gain that sort of experience, it can be really frustrating and discouraging for everyone when a ranked match goes south.

This issue is why lobbies with determining rank players don’t usually get off the ground. Veteran players don’t want to join what they believe will be a losing battle.

So, let’s put a level requirement to play ranked matches!

I think somewhere between level 20 and 30 would be a great place to start.

It helps the vets get consistent teammates who know the game without depending on the schedules of their friends AND it gives new players time to learn a complex and competitive game. It will also give new players something else to look forward to; an incentive to learn and play the game.

It’s not a new players fault that they don’t know how to play every role against every monster effectively in every situation. There’s a lot to this game and it takes time to gain the necessary experience to put your rank on the line with confidence.

Quick play and solo are great learning tools without the risk as it lets you play with an unpredictable group of people and play styles. If necessary, more tutorials could be added.

I just feel like this is an issue that has helped contribute to our drop in player base. Veterans reach rank 40 and cap-out their favorite hunters and monsters so the only thing left to do is play ranked. But no one wants to because they can’t stay in a division that matches their skill because they are playing with less-skilled players. Then when they lose, they’re punished for it.

So please devs, take a look at this. I’m still fairly new to the forums and don’t know who I should tag in this. But let’s give this some thought! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind this.


Unlocked for 30 lvl would be nice (sounds high)

Lvl 20 only if tutorial is reworked

I played ranked with randoms for 10 placement matches … I went to bronze . I stopped playing with randoms since that moment . I gave up on randoms . Ranked = premades . Ranked hurts vaterens without teams .

Ranked is Custom 2.0 it’s not Hunt 2.0.

you have full team . you look for a monster

You are alone . You are screwed with Bronze


I’d say 20 personally, I think you gain a good basic understanding at that level.


I have played with Lvl 40 that doesn’t know what positioning is

Play bucket with val

Prefers lasser cutter over shielding the medic

Causing the loss / doing stupid mistakes

Can’t locate the monster effectively / doesn’t pay attention to sneak sound

When some one goes down , laz revive even if the monster is camping the body

Doesn’t know healing nades under caira foot can heal her

Fight inside close relay and expect to win (refueling tower )


And I’ve played with Lvl 10’s that play exceptionally well and Lvl 40’s that are terrible. Anecdotal Evidence means nothing.

ON AVERAGE I’m sure people around level 20 know enough about the game to head into Ranked and not be a giant liability. If they are, it will encourage people to find and form pre-mades.


The level requirement should be around 15-20.


Don’t want to risk running with random low level novices in the competitive ranked play?

Don’t play with randoms.


So what you’re saying is that new players who know no one else who plays this game, should just sit in a corner and play with themselves instead?


No, but during quickplay you get the chance to meet your future teammates. You have the Forum to find teammates. It’s Not a game where You can expect that experienced players put their rank on the line for determining, low-level players who can’t wait long enough to go out into the wild 2.0. I have nothing against playing along with them in QP - I even like to how them how the game basics work. But simply Not on ranked mode.


No. I didn’t say that at all. And I really don’t understand how you took that from what I said :confused:


There’s nothing to point new players towards Quickplay, or Solo play to get to know the game. The tutorials are… Well, lets not mention them. People bought this game to Hunt, naturally they’re going to select Hunt. You telling people to avoid randoms means that new players should be avoided as well; after all they’re randoms.

Nothing guides new players to Quickplay, as mentioned above.

Friendly reminder: this suggestion is about adding a level requirement to separate the new from the experienced, and thus eliminates the whole “don’t play with randoms” vibe. Which in my opinion is a rather negative vibe to newcomers, especially when Evolve seems to have lacking players these days.


And in doing so, you cordon off part of the game from players that WANT to be competitive, or at least see what they’re getting into before they decide.


Essentially, the whole idea is based on “don’t play with randoms or DTs”, except it advocates that concept by not allowing the inexperienced to access that part of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate playing with Medics that simply don’t heal. It’s dreadful. Taking their ability to play ranked until YOU (general, not specifying you personally) decide they know enough about the game to play with others outside of QP, is most decidedly NOT the way to encourage practice before going into ranked. It encourages people simply not doing it.

If nothing else, all it says to newer players is “git gud” . That’s what they see and it’s the mentality it labels the community with before new players even have a chance. You’re denying them the opportunity to experience the game because you’re selfish and don’t want to play with them.

If you REALLY don’t like DT players or newbies, get higher in rank so you see them less often. Or simply don’t play ranked Hunt. Or play with a group of people. Or fucking suck it up because it’s something ALL COMPETITIVE GAMES DEAL WITH IT. Evolve doesn’t get special exception just because people can’t be bothered to “deal” with new players.

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And there is nothing wrong with that. You ever tried learning how to play an instrument? Or can you still remember riding a bike for the first time? Driving lessons? I can’t imagine you were the ultimate prodigy at any or all of these on your first try.

“Less often”. DT is just a title for the front, behind that title is an actual rank and thus they can appear at any rank.

Wait… You mean I can enter any kind of PvP game when I’ve just set up my level 1 character in WoW? Or Guild Wars 2? There’s nothing wrong with putting limits on ranked play. If anything, it’ll encourage people to play the game and get to unlocking; instead of being confronted with douchebags who tell them to piss off, just because of their DT.

If you wanna keep new players, you need to make sure their first experiences are pleasant ones. Putting them in Ranked with some of the biggest trolls out there will not encourage them to stay.


Except it’s fucking insulting. Imagine you were told that same thing the first time you tried ranked. You would not have been happy. I remember all of those things. You know what? I wasn’t denied doing them again. I simply retried the same things until I got better. Not letting them play ranked is similar. They CAN’T prepare or learn if they can’t face competent Monsters.

If I had been kept from driving on roads until I got better, I’d still suck driving on roads because I wouldn’t know how to handle traffic.

If a band member could only play with others after they could play solo, they wouldn’t be able to function with a whole band.

You can’t expect someone to learn anything or prepare if they’re not given the opportunity.

I’m aware, I was directing that more towards the new ones, after DT.

Those are dreadful comparisons. In both of those, you’re NOT going to win without at least passable equipment, and you also won’t have any kind of team. In Evolve, everyone’s got the same equipment and team.

like I said, insulting. Also blocks them from doing what they intended. If I buy a competitive game, I want to play competitive. It’s the best way to learn.

Yeah, I STILL get that in QP when I play, and I’ve got most of my characters elited with over 2k hours in the game. Don’t try to say that at all.

And locking content is not the way to do it. Especially if they bought it for the sole reason it’s competitive.

I know the purpose behind the suggestion. I’m aware that the current system kind of throws them to the sharks. However, there’s also the fact that someone’s first time in ranked will be wildly different than all of their other experiences in the game.

I took the time to max my level and elite a few characters before trying ranked on PS4. I felt that I knew enough to compete. I was wrong and my team lost miserably multiple consecutive times before winning my last DT match. There is absolutely ZERO way to prepare someone for ranked play besides actually letting them play it. There is NO-ONE in QP that takes it that seriously, and customs are a poor substitute unless you’ve got a really good friend(s).


I can see it being offensive to someone with no social skills or any knowing about how the world works. However you can’t expect to get everything in life, without first unlocking something.

You wanna drive? Unlock your driver’s license. You wanna go inside the house? Unlock your door. You wanna get a baby in your womb? Unlock puberty. You want nuclear weapons? Shit, you better unlock the security codes.

If practice was a way to offend someone, we wouldn’t have any educational systems. You wanna graduate? Sit down and follow your classes.


Yeah, but try getting to that point without being able to practice driving.

Simply leveling isn’t a way to determine skill.

No, telling them to practice isn’t a way to offend someone. Telling them that they can’t decide when they’re good enough is. Saying that they’ll only be good enough after a predetermined level they had no part in deciding is shitty.

Locking people from content until they learn won’t help them. They need to experience it before they can get better. If you do XP lock it, you’ll have a bunch of level 20 DT players that know slightly less than nothing instead of level 1 DT players that know nothing. Not a really good trade-off when you’re taking away someone’s ability to enjoy part of a game they paid for.

However, this argument is going nowhere and nobody’s opinion is going to change if it continues, so I’m going to drop it.


But. That’s not what I said. And that certainly isn’t what I said means “as well”

I said if you don’t want to risk running with low level inexperienced randoms, don’t run with randoms- As in run premades.

I’d be -amazingly- hard pressed to believe any player brand new to this game would be expecting to random up with players that arent also inexperienced. So I really don’t see the issue.


Macman once said he liked this idea, so it would be awesome if they add this in the next patch :slight_smile:


I don’t know if its been said already but I have an issue with this.

People would see that they need to be 20 or something or whatever to play ranked and they will just grind it in solo and you will still have a noob on the team. So I don’t see how this is going to help.