Servers problems again [PSN issues]


Getting lagged out every 5 mins on ps4 quick play. What’s happening?

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Massive disconnects on PS4 [PSN issue - Check xTr1ckOrTr3atx's post]

This is a PSN issue. I’m also being kicked repeatedly from Helldivers. Issue started about 30 mins ago.


Also, ninja’d. I was just coming on to make a topic about this to let people know.


Was happening last night in customs and 2.0 as well


I think PSN has big issues and they cant fix it, never. I hope so much that the next Xbox will not suck and I can come back to Microsoft.

OS and Server stability are way better on Xbox.


Updated title and category. PSN is currently undergoing maintenance, hence the observed issues.


This is horrible, I can’t even do the Battlefy Tournament.


That sucks :confused: unfortunate timing.

Edit: my friends list just came back and people are on BF4 and you’re on Evolve o.O


I don’t understand


XD Evolve seems to be the only multiplayer i tested to not be working. Well derp and the ps4 side has 4 teams this time derp.


I keep getting booted and it told me (like 5 mins before my friends list reconnected) that PSN was under maintenance. Confused how people are playing online.


I kept getting booted from Helldivers, and I got a notification for maintenance. Seems BF4 is working though, oddly. It was working last time there were these issues too.


I’m playing last of us currently


I can confirm, this is PSN and nothing we can do about it on our side.

I’m still seeing some reports of hiccups but it seems to be working fine for others. Sorry I can’t help!


yeah psn issue


Thanks for the info, knew we could count on you ^.^


Just went to play on Evolve kept getting “no network connection” again it’s highly frustrating and seems to happen at w/ends more


I just played Battlefront online for almost an hour with no issues :confused:


Yes it’s always on the weekend but I don’t know why this is being blamed on PSN when every other game I play tonight is working fine except evolve.


We still cannot start an Evolve custom for the tournament…


Ya, I’ve had these issues before and there have never been problems with my wifi or other games. It’s only ever been Evolve.

Edit: Ya, I can’t get online on Evolve to save my life, but Drawn to Death, an ONLINE ONLY game works flawlessly.