Servers, Lag and "Netcode" - AUSNZ


So we were told Australia has dedicated servers, but there would be a backup option that will make the game p2p.

Under what circumstances does the game go to p2p? Has 2K shut down servers with the low player numbers?

The lag is getting increasingly worse compared to when the game first launched. It definitely “feels” like the game is being hosted p2p, as there are only 5 players, the lag is very noticeable and I know its not my connection. I don’t want to assume the game has poorly optimised “netcode” but there are only 5 players in a match and the lag is unplayable in many situations (actions delayed by a second, abilities not hitting their targets, flying goliaths, kraken speed on roids). I never have issues in 64 player games or any other online game for that matter.

Without any in game information on ping or any server/p2p information its impossible to know what the problems are. Are other regions having similar issues?


Well I know that, as an Australian, trying to play with my American buddies like Shin, MajorLeeHyper, etc etc…It’s brutal. ;-; Can’t play Monster like that, the latency is disgusting…Can’t play Hunters well either.


I can imagine that would be near impossible to land any skills on target. Would be funny to see you warping all over the place though!

There are definitely server issues or p2p issues going on behind the scenes. Some games we have 5 players with full connectivity, four bars or whatever. Then with the same players in the next round everyone suddenly drops to 2 bars and has connectivity warning pop up.


Lag is becoming unplayable consistently. Can anyone comment on server numbers and p2p connections?


Some of the devs don’t even know though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching it in retrospect was funny, and yes, near impossible to land anything. :expressionless:


Ive had so many flying goliaths lately its becoming a usable tactic xD

@MacMan Would network optimisation be something thats on the cards at all?