Servers are down


I’m on xb1 and was hopping on with my brother in law and on both ends it is failing to connect to 2k servers and can only be played solo…


Can confirm, we were going to do it at a LAN party here and we’re all getting that the 2k servers are unavailable.


I wasn’t ready for this lol


I’ve been getting this for about a month now on PC. I’ve seen other reports on Steam about this for PC as well. It has to be server-side. Sad to hear it’s creeping into consoles too.


The servers should be back online again now. @Ricky_Anderson1 are you able to confirm it’s working for you on console?


Game servers are back up. :+1: I’ve played since beta and I’m glad they’re not down yet.



Closing the thread.



I just wanted to quickly say here that I tested the game again today for PC and the servers are back up!