Server Stability Issues?


Yesterday at launch, everything was butter smooth for me. Every game I chose in matchmaking I was always what I selected, my score showed, my win streak showed, and more importantly - my skins showed. But today? Now that we have 20,000+ players – a base we haven’t seen since launch – Matchmaking seems to be fraying at the seems. Now, when I choose a monster, it randomly keeps slapping me with Meteor Goliath or my skins don’t load into the match and it declares I’m playing a different Monster entirely. Furthermore, it doesn’t display my score or win streaks. I just wanted to play Wraith, but the server seems to have other plans in mind.


There’s an issue, I think regardless of server stability with regards to player numbers, of it not registering that your choice is valid, and thus defaulting you to the rotation monster. This is something they know about now.


Yeah, servers seem to be overloaded right now. And the netcode doesn’t seem to be very resilient. I heard from friends that they cannot connect into lobbies and the error messages / behaviour of the client are varying.


Well the game never had a real stress test of the servers when you think of it. It’s never had more than 20,000+ players since launch, and even then it was a quick drop off. Now we have people playing, it’ll likely break and/or crash the servers very soon.


Yeah, that’s what the beta is for! Break it and fix it.

Sorry if I was too negative. :smiley:


Servers have been increased!! There shouldn’t be a problem with that now :slight_smile:

I’m going to close this Topic but if you have the same issue again feel free to PM me or another Leader/Mod and we’ll open this right back up for ya!