Server/Lobby Lag/Connectivity issues


This isn’t the first time this has happened to me either. I’ll get into a lobby, the match will start, everything will seem fine until the actual gameplay starts. If I’m Caira, I’ll notice it with the grenade explosions. They’ll take forever to explode after hitting what I’m aiming at. Orbitals are weird and just drop in one big bomb. If I’m Goliath (or any monster), well… It fucking sucks ass and is pretty impossible. Pretty much everything will have a delay on it, players will teleport, what seems to be a direct hit will deal no damage, etc. Anything that could and would happen that’s associated with lag, happens. When I press my escape key to check my connection, I’ll have 1-2 bars instead of my usual 4. It’s SO frustrating because there’s nothing I can do about it other than leave and get penalized.

And no, it’s not an issue on my end. Everything is running fine, both PC and connection. It’s like I’m trying to connect to a lobby that’s hosted really far away.


I’m getting server connectivity problems post patch. I was lag free until the new hunters hit.


Since the update just about every game I play I get booted from or lag out from, something defiantly went wrong after the update, please fix, this is so fusstrating!


I’m on a university network. Is anyone else?