Side note: Behemoth crashed the server again, I hope they fix this in the next patch


too spooky for me.


Music is nice, if anything else. ^.^


maybe it was a coincidence, have not come to try it yet… but i think you can crash the server on purpose when you tonguegrab and “take a break”. I have to remember when i play later…


Reminds me - X-Files on Netflix.


That’s the point. ^.-


Por bucket, look like hes getting abducted not possessed


Yeah, it’s from x-files lol


Him I’ll try that, maybe some other freaky stuff will happen lol


Maggie gets possessed in my game :wink:


Lol XD We gotta keep recording all these crashes.


Pretty much all my recorded clips are Evolve disconnection errors: - Behemoth freezes with his arms in the air

My personal favourite: - Not dropping out of ship.


I lol pretty hard at your last clip XD oh god, how could that happened? 0_0


That last clip was actually quite interesting and funny at the same time. The one with you not dropping out of the ship.


I have returned with more videos of hunters being connected with the other side. Tremble in shock and horror as what I’m about to share you cannot be unseen.

My new personal favourite, Val goes back to her home planet:

(I’m starting to get a fair bit annoyed by this, I’ve been playing evolve for the most part of the day and I’ve had so many of these instances)


You made me lol so hard XD holy cow! Now that’s a real possesion!


I was playing Bucket vs Behemoth earlier and after getting hit I went from being in the middle of the fight to “you need help” with me looking down at the battlefield floating from like 500 feet in the air. Seriously, I could see the entire battlefield, was not falling down, and had no gun. I could use the right stick to look around & my health bled out until I died. I don’t know what happened but watching your video seems like it may explain it somewhat.


…{regeritates smaller version of self)…3SPOOPY5ME! but really he can crash servers!?!


lol and yep, devs will be fixing this in the next update


Crhist all mighty! Looks like bob’s having a true rampage on servers lately they really didnt lie when they said they made him as big as they could