Seriously, why is this matchmaking STILL so bad?


The forum moderators seem to be genuinely interested in figuring out what needs to be done to get more people to play this game. Let me make it is as CLEAR as I possibly can:

  1. Fix the Hunt 2.0 match system. Figure out what needs to be done to match up games more quickly. A 5 minute wait time per game is absolutely unacceptable. And the ironic part is that if I manage to find a game within 5 minutes, I feed blessed–I typically have teo wait 20 minutes to find a game. If I’m partied with two of my friends (yup, we only need one more hunter and one monster for a game), it takes 20 minutes to an hour to make a game. This stopped being funny a month ago. Fix it. Drop anything and everything else you’re working on and fix this.

That it! That’s the magic formula. Evolve is a crazy amazing game, I thoroughly enjoy every second that I’m (actually) playing. There have been VERY few games I’ve played that give me that level of satisfaction. How you can let such a brilliant game get ruined by a crap matchmaking system and server disconnects is beyond me.


It truly is a sorry day when my group of friends feel let down because we spent all night waiting for games, and having our rank drop because we continually get kicked from the server.


I’m pretty sure if all the matchmaking problems solutions were ‘Fix it’ they would have done it long ago


If you want people to take you serious then please refrain from using all-caps.


Dont act like they havent been doing anything to fix matchmaking. Its just hunt 2.0 with the bad matchmaking, because of how it works, go play skirmish if you want quick lobbies.


You’re exactly correct. My problem is that TR are working on trying to improve on other aspects of the game, when this clearly takes precedence over all other issues. Then they have the gall to open up discussion threads asking what they can do to get new players?

What am I missing here? Why are you defending TR? Do the rest of you forum players think these wait times are acceptable? Or is this an isolated issue specifically in my case? Seriously. I played Evolve with my friends for 6 hours last night and we played a grand total of 7 games. How does TR seriously expect to hold a player base with those kinds of waiting times?


I tried (VERY HARD) to make it clear crystal clear in my post that I’m referring to HUNT 2.0 MATCH SYSTEM. Someone already complained about me using all caps, but apparently that still wasn’t clear enough for you. Please, I am very open to suggestions on what I can do to be more clear.


You realize that they have different groups of people devoted to different projects? But ok, the art department needs to stop designing concepts for future characters and like, draw a picture to motivate the programmers. Sounds like a plan!

While I agree that the 2.0 matchmaking is pretty bad…I feel like it’s largely a playerbase issue. There aren’t many people playing Evolve, less of them still play 2.0, and then region locks come into play. There’s a very small playerbase and I think that’s mainly the issue. But I’m not a developer so I won’t pretend to know the issue, or how hard it is to fix.

And neither should you.

Let me be clear- I agree with the idea that the matchmaking itself is pretty poor, the constant disconnects are bad and so on and so forth, but speaking like that’s not a good way to get the point across, nor is assuming the issue is simple to fix, and definitely not insulting people.


Nobody is denying the existence of these issues. But, what can we do? We know they’re working very hard on these issues and they have been very open with the community. If you still don’t want to believe that, then that’s your problem friend. Sorry, but all we have to do right now is have patience.

Saying commands like:

and writing in caps doesn’t help prove your point or make them work faster.


It’s also advisable to take into account that the matchmaking is not a TRS internally developed system. They have implemented it in collaboration with a third party, which means that any changes that they may wish to make are not as straight forward to implement as other ‘in house’ design aspects. I had this exact conversation with @LadieAuPair a while back:

These things sometimes just take time, but just be careful where you are directing your frustration. I am sure that TRS are doing what they can within the scope of their system design, and I have no doubt that they are just as aware of these issues as we are. On a positive note, the more we talk about it in a constructive, informative way, the more ammunition it gives them to go back to their business partners and try new things.


It seems like more of a small playerbase problem.


I want local search preferences


For every monster, you need four hunters.

There are currently 1100 peak players online right now.

If we want an even balance, thats 220 monsters and 880 hunters, spread them out over every country.

Most of them US and EU.

There are not enough players. Sorry.


I havent player a hunter match in over an hour. We get a few hunters, then wait for the rest…people leave because it’s taking excessively too long…repeat. We get four hunters…stuck waiting for monster for too long…people leave…repeat. Is there some sort of bug when one player doesn’t pick a role in time and you’re stuck waiting for the fourth hunter? I don’t think I’ve EVER found that fourth hunter. I always have to back out and start over.

Xbox One


I feel it’s more of a balance issue… It’s an asymmetrical game without bots. Usually you could fill one spot with a bot in 3 games and have a fourth one with 3+bot. You can’t do that anymore so you need a ton more people to play hunter. With the chance you’ll be paired with new players or ones that can cost you games more people will probably prefer monster (especially if they have s team that isn’t online). I’d love to see the actual figures of how many are playing each side on average.


The main problem with the matchmaking isnt even the player count. Even if it was much higher there would be problems. The only way of really fixing Hunt 2.0 is for the option to choose either hunter or monster to be removed, since there needs to be 4 times as many hunter players as monster players. The thing is this most likely would never happen, because it would essentially be tearing apart the current system, and would make you rank as a monster get reset. The only possible way I see of Hunt 2.0 getting fixed matchmaking is if its set back to the preference system we have in skirmish, and they find a way to mix both your monster and hunter ranks into one rank. The chances of this happening are slim to none though, thats why I just gave up on Hunt 2.0 and moved to skirmish.