Seriously people learn how to be val

stop being a sniper elite[just using the sniper]instead of healing and tranq darting


seriously people learn how to play with bucket or lazarus in a team


People need to learn to dodge and how to play with Val on the team.

Val and even Caira can only do so much, but if everyone plays like they think they’re Chuck Norris. Well guess what you’re not Chuck Norris and Val doesn’t have infinite heals.


Yes I totally agree, Val or even Caira can’t outheal lvl 3 rock throws, people should learn to dodge instead of relying on the medic. A medic can’t outheal everything.

One of the main reasons I hate pub assault players, because they think they can face tank a monster. They keep getting hit by all the monsters abilities and then
whine and nag when the medic can’t keep them up, hey there are 3 other Hunters I have to keep alive you know.


I hate when people think my Hank shield is never ending and dont even try to dodge :angry:

Actually Val is quite fun to play with as Sunny as she benefits greatly from jetback boosting.

Oh great and ol’mighty val player god, please enlighten this feeble mind on how to play val

srsly guys learn to play val

instead of sitting 24/7 on the medgun use the sniper rifle to pressure the monster indome.

Tier 6 Assault Confirmed

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PSA to win games you must


Ive always hated that when playing prepatch Caira…teammates see her and hank combo and suddenly get lazy with dodges as if theyre unlimited no reload kits. Trappers continuously running at the monster and eating stage 3 rocks as if they do no dmg.

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If you need a Val, I’ll heal you up.

People need to understand that if Laz is coming to revive someone, no one else revive them

BAM! Monster pissed and slowed!!!

Did you say get gud?

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Guys how do I val

Get a booty screenshot first, then tranq the mosnter till it’s in a deep slumber then…well/use your imagination…

Just tranq it in the a*s then take a screenshot Thats how I VAL

Solution confirmed: full team 3* health regen and all members stay 30m apart from each other. Target elminated, i mean dead.

I still haven’t played a game with a whole team on health regen yet.

It be awesome with this strategy.