Seriously need to be able to play as the monster when matchmaking in a party


I want to be able to play as the monster when playing with friends. Sure some people will abuse it but that’s still not a good reason to not allow people to play as the monster unless they play by themselves. Any chance of this happening?


Well technically you can do a custom game, if you have a full teams worth of friends.


do you even get credit towards abilities and level in custom games? Also I play with 3 other people so I’d rather play with another person not an AI lol


I dunno. I haven’t tried it myself, but hey, I see no reason why it wouldn’t.


Yes, you do. You even get them in solo games.


Yes you do get credit towards the stars in custom. And I agree that they should add a playlist to play monsters with friends and randoms.


Does anyone really find xp farming to be such a big deal that it’s worth not allowing people in teams to be monsters in normal games?

I see where they’re going, but the costs far outweigh the benefits here


Its not about the XP its about the leaderboards since normal games count towards them.

My suggsetion would be to make a seperate “ranked que” where beeing the monster and in a party is disabled (like now) but allow partymembers in the “normal que” to play as the monster
Of course normal que wouldn’t count towards the leaderboard then