Seriously; I HATE the Matchmaking

ARUGH; My biggest gripe in this game is the horrid match making system. I absolutely dread playing this game online because I can never play what I want to play. The game forces me to play what it wants me to play — how is this fun? Who thought this was a good idea? I have to spend 1 hour or more trying to find a game that hasn’t started yet, and even then it’s a gamble whether I get to plat the role I want to play – Monster. I will NEVER join a game in progress, especially as a Monster – this feature needs to be removed entirely.

I hate it. I hate all of it. I loath it and it really pisses me off constantly every time I turn this game on.

Is there a fix for this in the upcoming patch, yes or no? Because seriously I cannot enjoy this game at all because it never let’s me play what I want to play.

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Edit March 26th: Added a video which best illustrates the troubles for Monster Player Matchmaking and WHY I HATE Matchmaking so much.

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I mean, you could, 'ya know, wait it out. You know, just chill in the game and wait till the next match to be what ‘ya want to be. Just throwin’ it out there.


I do not play hunters. I refuse to ruin someone’s game. Furthermore, the wait it out strat doesn’t work. If you join a game and play a long, you will likely not get to play the role you want anyway. Heck, when I finally get to play Monster and win – the game doesn’t put be back into the role of monster. It bumps me off to play a hunter, so I have to quit the game and go back to the 1 hour of searching for a new match.

Yeah it does. What system are you on?

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no it doesnt and no i dont want it. when this is not fixed in the next patch i will not play evolve again.

seriously starting this? are you somewhat special and have the urgent need to flame everyone?

Agree with you op. Need a separate option for monsters only.


Hopefully a ranked match making mode will come into being which will have separate queues for monster/hunter groups. Ideally you would have the choice of queueing as a particular class, but wait times would be much longer, and thats something devs would want to avoid.

There’s so much fun to be had as a hunter, I wish people hating on matchmaking could appreciate the rest of the game. Alternatively, find a hunter group and add them on your system. There are quite a few looking for monster threads around.

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It would have surely made sense to have separate matchmaking and separate levels for monsters and hunters…

Some want to play monster and some only hunters…I’m level 32 and 99% of that is hunters…I would get owned by that level player if I played as a monster…

I should be a level 32 hunter and a level 1 monster.

And allow people to choose monster or hunter…seems so simple…


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The only thing I dislike about the matchmaking is that it looks like it’s made for a console. I get it. The game was developed for consoles and PC but that doesn’t mean the PC version has to be limited to the capabilities of a console.


I posted a thread in the bug section about 5th choice - which is due to the matchmaking. So last night I tried the waiting game.

I queued, got my 5th choice, no one wanted to swap so I left,
Waited a minute searched for a new game, joined the same server… as 5th choice, so I left.
Waited a few minutes joined a new lobby, as my 5th choice, so I left,
Swapped my 5th choice, joined a new lobby after a minute and got my 5th choice…

Gave up and went to play Heroes of the Storm.

And the you left that game too because RNGsus didn’t give you the random daily quest that you actually wanted?

Noone needs dailys when you can actually play the character you want.

Actually I left because after about 3 games, I was feeling so angry I remembered why I stopped playing League of Legends (people are inherently stupid and make me very angry)

In the end, I started reading the 4th book in the Honor Harrington series (for the 2nd time).

Books… I resorted to my own freaking imagination after 2 games made me not want to play anymore.

I love Evolve, when it works, I really do, theres nothing more fun then either a) tearing it up as the Kraken or b) hunting down the monster as Either Support, Medic or Assault.

But normally I end up as the freaking Tracker or Crash To Desktop… Which unfortunately is more common then actually being able to play ‘Online’.

Ha, tell me about it! I think there’s something wrong with the game when I’m spending more time facepalming rather than playing the actual game :slight_smile: Now THAT’s a matchmaking to hate right there!

I’m surprised you enjoy playing the other 3 roles but don’t like playing as the trapper. Why not? What do you dislike about the class?

Yeah, the frequent crashes are driving me insane, too…

I gotta say it’s pretty annoying getting your 5th choice over and over. Not to mention it’s also annoying having to play AI monsters because the person that was chosen as monster didn’t want to be one. Hopefully the ranked matchmaking system will fix this.

Matchmaking is very bad in Evolve, I fully agree.

  1. Should be based on ranking (real skill) not meaningless level.
  2. That ranking should be calculated separately for Monster and Hunter play.
  3. Preference from #1 to #5 is not enough. Monster and Hunter game experience are so different, that people should be able to exclude one side.
  4. Joining in the middle of the match is highly disputable. Simple checkbox “agree to join running match” would be ideal.

It seems, that TRS assumed people will get crazy if they do not join ANY match ASAP, and the current matchmaking was built around that. Looking at the feedback on this forum however most people would prefer to wait a bit, but get what they really want.


I generally find it fine if you stick with it as often the first match your given isn’t what you want but then it is fine. Saying that last night was a nightmare, I was constantly put as monster, even though it is 5th choice! Surely there were other free games it could have dropped me in as hunter.

What really pissed me off was twice it loaded the character selection screen and it put me as monster. Now in both of these the medic slot was empty and medic is my number 1 pick! Why can’t i back out and swap to medic like you can as hunters!? So instead of 4 players vs a.i. I was forced to quit and that game went ahead with 3 hunters and a.i. Monster.

Yeah the facepalming is frequent. Last night vs wraith it went to stage three not too far from the generator so we rushed it. Got it down to 5% health and we were all incapped…no wait the support was still alive as the player was still camping on the bloody generator!!! The whole fight it was three of us so obviously if that Muppet joined in we would have easily won.

I also find if I need to pick trapper as it is scary how many terrible lvl 40 trappers there are. They have no clue when to dome and just follow tracks, you rarely catch a monster following tracks blindly.