Seriously, devs.. Please (consoles)


I think I speak for everyone (on a console) when I say that we would like a preload. Asking nicely, please devs. We are less than 48 hours away from ACTUAL release time and the servers being in full swing. (Now on a personal note) it’s not fair that PC players will only need the day one patch because they have a preload already. Please allow for console players to preload, so that way we will also only have to download the day one patch.


Xbone has a preload they had it first then PC got one and the PS4 has had one for quite a few hours.


Falsehoods, Sir. I’ve seen that thread before, and I JUST tried looking for it with no luck.


Seems like others are having trouble finding it but its downloading for him so that means you’ll get it too.


Would this be TRS’s decision or 2K’s?


Uh…Evolve is already pre loaded in my console, so…


Yeah i have both the game and day 1 patch preloaded on my ps4. So when midnight hits, im ready to go.


I didn’t pre purchase, I don’t know if you did, but if you did not then I am just having my own troubles finding it through Xb1 marketplace


It actually drops at 5 am


There’s some confusing there. Some have cited midnight, some 2am, some 5am.


Wait, so…you didn’t pre-purchase?

Then why would you expect to be able to pre-load?


Absolutely none for me, Release Schedule (Official)



Well…that fucking sucks. Looks like I took the day off for no reason.


You’re asking seriously? The reason why, is because I have completely paid off my pre order, really i expect to preload BECAUSE I am a loyal fan and I am spending a lot of my money on this game.


Really, I say kudos. Wish I could have.


So did you pay preorder $5 or prepurchase the game? Preloads are normal for full purchases but I’ve never heard of anyone downloading for just putting some money down.


No, that’s a waste for me. I was going to stay up all night and play. Morning hours I’ll be getting kids off to school and watching my little man. Should have just worked.


You said you didn’t pre purchase which means you wouldn’t have bought it. I’m confused. If you didn’t pre purchase then you can’t pre load because you haven’t paid for it if you did pay for it you did pre purchase and you can pre load.


I feel kinda cheated :frowning: I dont get the preload because I preordered a hard copy -.- was less expensive than preordering digital, and I get the same thing.


Your data comes from the disc. Is this…what?