Seriously? Can't win with a random squad


Doesn’t matter which Monster we fight or how well I perform. I have won maybe 3 games out of 15. Yeah, I get that hunters need to communicate but is the community on PS4 really this bad!? I was hovering around 50% win loss during the Beta.

Couldn’t get enough of my friends to buy into evolve. If this is how it’s gonna be trying to play with matchmaking the game will end up collecting a lot of dust.


Eh, maybe take the lead in telling people what they should be doing or telling them what they’re doing wrong. If someone is doing something wrong might as well tell them to what they should be doing instead, so they can improve along run. That’s usually what I do, some people need direction, especially with this game.


The best advice I can offer is to make friends among people you team well together with in the games you find. Also, find other PS4 players here on the forum. You can use this:

or this:

As you increase in level you will find yourself matched with better and better players.


Actually picked up a few friends in the ps4 boards so far we’re nine outta ten 1 wraith loss .


I have the exact same opinion. I like PUGs because its on my schedule and I don’t need to worry about meeting and greeting with other people, but it does make the Monster seem quite ridiculous.


It is the same problem with L4D. Just add competent players into your friend list as you come across them in PUG.