Serious problem with Torvald


I won’t discover America by saying that Torvald is completely broken and underpowered. Even the best of players have problems with dealing any damage with him and as someone who’s far from the best, I can usually win a match with Blitz Markov, Hyde, Lennox, Parnell and regular Markov.
With Torvald, according to my stats, I lose 84% of matches.
Now, one could argue I’m simlpy bad at this. But simply picking Torvald before a match will usually cause hostility from our teammates, accusing us of sabotage and trolling.
And they are pretty much right.
Assault is arguably the most important class in the game. He’s the damage dealer, without him killing the monster is basically impossible.
Yet Torvald deals so little damage is ridiculous.
His Automatic Shotgun and Shrapnel Bomb create nice synergy, but they don’t deal enough damage together. Now, an upside of the weaker primary weapon should be a powerful secondary weapon, right?
Well, his Mortar Cannon is useless. It takes a very long time for the missilies to actually reach the place we aimed at, it has small raidus, deals small damage and mortars don’t hit the monster all at once.
Now, if these mortars were shot similarly to Parnell’s Rocket Launcher and, let’s say, caused damage over time, then perhaps Torvald would become a viable Assault to use.
For now, Torvald is absolutely useless. Developers were trying to fix that by buffing his shotgun, but that’s not the way to go.
Also, making it so that the Shrapnel Grenade multiplies damage even more would make Torvald more useful by multiplying the damage dealt by his teammates.
Basically, I think that Mortar Cannon needs a complete overhaul and his other weapons need a slight buff.


If you can land his mortars Torvald has the second highest damage output (right behind parnel and right infront of lennox), he is in a very good spot right now, just takes practice.


No. If you can land mortars and use his shotgun effectively you can just use Parnell and deal way more damage to the monster. Torvald atm is just downgrade to Parnell.


I take it back, if you can hit ALL of your mortars, you have the absolute HIGHEST damage output.

And of course you would have to use your shotgun when reloading


His mortars have been pretty much useless since they changed them. If you somehow manage to combine insane 10-second-into-the-future prediction with massive luck, he can do half decent damage.

Combining the same level of skill and prediction with for instance Parnell will give you far more damage, far more consistently - and best of all, no luck required.

Torvald has the slowest, most audibly and visually telegraphed attack in the game. Any mortar hit on a monster is down to monster player being bad or choosing to eat them, not down to Torvald being viable.

He is the only assault in the game where the monster has a minimum 5 second audio and visual warning allowing the monster to dodge his primary attack. It’s laughable.


If you can land ALL of your mortars this mean you’re godlike and you can rekt monster even as Ebonstar soldier or Monster just doesn’t pay attention to your mortars and that doesn’t happed in games with monsters above 50 hrs gametime.


My only problem with Torvald is the ridiculous range “buff” they gave his Mortar Cannon in Stage 2. It only makes it harder to hit airborne target and probably drastically extended the time it takes them to hit the ground as well.

Other than that he’s fine.
Parnell and Lennox are far riskier picks imo. Half the Monsters in this game make their primary weapons next to useless.


Like happens to all burst assaults in this game given enough time, Lennox has been nerfed into irrelevancy. If you play super well with lennox or blitz, you end up doing just about the same amount of damage as you can do with no-aim Hyde and Markov. They keep creating these burst assaults, but then realize they can’t allow anyone to do well if they have skill, so they all get ‘balanced’ and end up completely homogeneous and samey. Stacking 4 on lennox now is required just to do the same amount of damage as Hyde and Markov…all burst is gone.

They take away from the interesting and skillshot primaries (lance, mortars), then increase damage on the boring weapons (the 100th shotgun in the game, the slow ass autocannon) and call it a day. It’s really annoying me that they’re removing all fun from assaults.

No matter what assault you pick, no matter your skill - you’re only ever allowed to do your Government Approved amount of damage.

@mizx @Insane_521 how about showing us pick rates, win rates and damage at low, mid and high skill level with the different assaults. And tell us how ‘fun’ Torvald’s ten-second mortars are. Hell, show us his pick rates in Legacy before flight/gravity change and after.

Torvald's Status

Torvald is the only fun assault left.Please make him viable trs

Markov,blitzkov and hyde are all " primary = hold m1 in the general direction of the monster with a medium rof bullet secondary" And throwable as 3rd.

Parnell is possibly the most boring character in the game ,he has a generic shotgun and a generic rocket launcher and thats it.Doesnt even feel powerful aesthetically

Lennox was fun because of the different playstyle but you nerfed her and now she is another generic bullet shooter

Torvald is the most fun gameplay wise but atm you have to be a troll to pick him.His mortars are too slow to land.There is a point where if a projectile is so slow,it is no longer a skilled prediction shot,but a dice roll.And even with luck on your side you will do like average parnell noskill damage.Wow…


Whenver I play against a pro team as monster they are using Parnell or Torvald.

That leads me to think Torvald is not underpowered.


This so much. Even against Goliath or Bob it’s now equally “rewarding” to sit around on a rock and use the AA Cannon all day.

If you do engage the Monster, stand right fucking next to him and constantly put yourself and the Medic at risk… then what?
You do all that for maybe 5% more damage than Markov would’ve done from a much safer distance?


I found it the mortar is more effective shooting at your teammates instead of predicting the path of the monster, maybe it is just me


Yeah that works against bad monsters, as they chase your teammates.

A good monster will both hear and see the mortars going off a good 5 seconds before they land.


i remember when he could use his mortars ontop of himself then they nerfed him :sob: :sob:


Really its only 5 seconds? So i was wasting time trips to the supermarket until the mortars land?


If they buff the speed of the mortars, I wouldn’t mind they nerf the damage of it because at the end I am landing them a lot more often and doing more consistent damge


Assault is more important than Trapper now, maybe. But no, Assault is by no stretch of the imagination the most important role. The number of times I’ve had a terrible Assault get killed at the start of a fight and us still come out on top is ridiculous.


The mortars when shot, fly up for a moment before descending to the ground and making damages, it is harder to use the mortars in caverns because they have a high chance to hit the roof of the cave instead of tumbling down.

So, I’d suggest to lower the shooting angle of the mortars so they can be faster and it makes it easier to aim distant monsters and predict the movements of close monsters.


I really like Torvald but my team mates always want to attack the monster in caves… ^^


What if they changed how they fire. Instead of aim down sights (because that doesn’t do much for a big spread shotty) have holding aim down que up mortars with a shoulder mounted trageter. Swapping directly to mortars could then be an alternate fire/ammo mode. Maybe directly swapping to mortars gives straight line clucter bombs that blow up and fire projectiles of some kind in a straight line. Maybe have an arm time so they can be fired point blank but only do a smaller on contact hit instead of a collection of projectiles.