Serious Message to Devs


Did someone saw how many players are in evolve if don’t here you go game is dying day by day AGAIN so Devs do something, ppl don’t want new adaptation they want NEW monsters NEW hunters NEW features cus game for someone starts to be boring and show this game to ppl by making twitter and facebook official TRS site on social sites becous ppl don’t go to your forums they read twitter feads facebooks feeds not your forums many peapol are suprised for updates BECOUS THEY DON’T GO TO YOUR FORUMS. In forums peapol want to know why their game isn’t working and other technical problems ect. of course if small part of evovle players are active on forums talking about some speculations and other things. SO go do it nothing is imposible so just do it make evolve community grow if it still posible. I know that probobly all answer me “did you see new features on trello board they are comming blablabla” yes they are but when they appear in the game it will be alredy dead “but it will take some time anyway” yes but you dont have many time Devs so THINK.


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