Serious Kraken Feedback


Just coming in to give some detailed criticism on the Kraken after 7 matches with a premade group.

Fought the monster 7 times with 4 people with voice.

I played Val - Healer 6 of the 7 attempts.

The monster killed us without losing its armor in stage 1 once and every time in stage 2 or 3 without a problem.

With a mildly competent group of players, that are in no way top tier players, we stood ZERO and I mean ZERO chance of ever defeating the Kraken no matter how we changed our strategy. I cannot recall the changes to the other classes/Players however we did swap and change our tactics over voice on the fly.

The ability for the Kraken to simply one shot a player at full life is actually quite disheartening and in my opinion very harmful to the long term enjoyment of the game. I love the idea and model of the Kraken but if playing against it requires absolute perfection and precision then I see this games population depleting rapidly. No one wants to be farmed with no chance of winning. No one wants to join a game and EXPECT a loss. Why would they waste their time?

The amount of damage the Kraken does to the 4 player group at a time is the key problem in my opinion. The auto-piloting orbs that follow and detonate AOE damage require no skill and are easily spammed by the monster player. None of the Goliath abilities auto target and home in.

I do not consider myself a skilled hunter, nor do I think our monster player was incredible. I simply believe that unless changes are made the amount of players will to pit themselves against impossible odds will dwindle. I do not know the metrics nor do I know my own, however I have won against Goliath and Wraith. I have yet to even come CLOSE to kill a Kraken player.


I disagree. Did you know you can shoot Banshee Mines?


Well first of all I’ve never been able to one shot someone w/o any buffs whatsoever unless they have strikes on their hp.

  1. Val’s tranq can pull him from the sky and so can all the trapper abilities. He loses a lot of his advantages when grounded.
  2. As said above the banshee mines can be shot before they hit you
  3. Lightning strike has a long windup and can be dodged if timed correctly
  4. His aftershock AOE also has a windup and is limited to a radius around him


This belongs in the bug section if kraken is one shotting hunters.


Before you criticize a monster you know nothing about, please try playing as it.

Aftershock has a windup. You can shoot Banshee Mines. You can literally rip Kraken from the sky. Also, where are you getting “one shot”?

I find it hard to understand how you had a “competent hunter team” when none of you were able to figure this out.


Against the Kraken it pretty easy as long as you dodge lightning strike and don’t get to close(due to Aftershock which he can land pretty fast using it if your not careful. I honestly think if you constantly are rushing him right out the gate, with like Clara speed boost or If you can land a tranquilizer dart and just allow your assault to do work you’ll be good. I suggest staying away from Lazarus as he doesn’t seem that good especially against Kraken and all its AOE. Also spread out It is a lot harder for the Kraken to aim and if you have jet pack fuel dodge the lightning strike. Also depending on your support and assault, your tracker should wait until the kraken is in a cave if you have hyde and Hank. Stay together shoot banshee mines and you’ll be good. Also a common trend I am seeing is banshee mines at the start shoot them before tracking.


Try Griffin and Val. Val constantly tranquilizing it, Griffin constantly harpooning it. Kraken cries.


U mind uploading a replay of next time your group has a match with kraken? I think that would be great in allowing the readers on this forum to see, and also decide for themselves, whether the kraken is op as you said.

Personal opinion-wise, I think if you have trouble dealing with banshee mines, or your whole group is getting hit by Kraken’s AOE skills, probably its not the Kraken thats the issue, but the strategy your team is employing, and that’s what you have to revisit.


kraken and goliath can “one shot” hunters all day long when they have 2 strikes on them. get hank. hank > lightning strike. then protect hank.

Tranqs do wonders and so do stasis grenades. Markovs lightning gun actually has a really good range on it.

to beat a kraken bring him to the ground.

Wraith has more people wanting to not play then the kraken does atm. kraken is noisy when moving about and is easier to find, plus hes slow as hell.


@Deathb3rry - lol?

Thank you forums for reminding honest players how ridiculous its denizens are. I was fearing that I wouldn’t be immediately greeted by naysayers and disbelievers the instant I badmouthed a moment of their “baby”. None of you have any way of disproving what I said, nor can you prove it. Yet your constant “QQ” posts always leave me in hysterics.

Val’s tranq gun does NOT bring a Kraken out of the skies. It never did in any of the games I played against it. It slowed and tracked the monster, however it could still very much fly away.

@Rapterror - lol?

I really didnt believe I would find help in these forums, as many of you cemented for me. I just wanted to make it known that there are serious issues in this game for it to have longevity and a wide player base. Unfortunately, once again, the forums seems to collect the worst offenders. However, I do hope Evolve has a bright future and I hope its denizens within find themselves growing and expanding with every bit of game play. Unfortunately, like the fish monsters that snatch up unwary victims, the forums doesnt seem to show any real promise. Good luck and good hunting.


I’m being serious, dude. I tried to help. I tried telling you what you were doing wrong. If you don’t want to take my advice that’s fine. It doesn’t really matter to me in the slightest.

Almost everyone who has commented here had been here MUCH longer than you have. We researched this game. We played before most people. We know our shit. Yet you refuse to listen? Sorry to say, but it’s YOU who shows no real promise here bud. Not us.

You talked about how us “crazy evolve people” couldn’t prove what we just told you. You know how YOU prove it?

You test it.

Instead of complaining on the forums. If you didn’t want our help you probably shouldn’t have made a thread. Still, I hope you have a fun time with Evolve and that you have a great day, pal. I hope that one day you will learn how to actually kill a Kraken.

Happy hunting.



I have no idea what to tell you man. This seems like a joke, a Stage 1 Kaken is by far the weakest stage 1 monster. IT can’t one shot a player, a Lightning bolt only does 40% of your full health. Aftershock does maybe 30%, Vortex 10%.’

I’m sorry, but it just sounds like your team isn’t that great. This shouldn’t have happened.


Lol it sounds like your just bad I dunno how your getting one shotted by a Kraken i would help but i saw how you responded to the other people so why bother. You won’t take advice or criticism either way


You are being 1-shotted by the Kraken?
How many strikes did you have?
How much health did you have?
None of the Kraken’s abilities can 1-shot, so this may be a serious bug or glitch.


How to defeat Kraken

  1. Your Assault needs to stop whining that he can’t get in the Kraken’s face with his primary. He needs to keep trying to get in the Kraken’s face at all costs. Getting that primary damage on the Kraken is key to dropping him.

  2. Your Medic needs to play far back. A good Kraken will drop to the ground when he deems necessary, but most Kraken players just fly at the edge of combat the entire game with an occasional Aftershock drop. Just keep landing your healing, and if he focuses you ask for a support cloak or get good at monster kiting.

  3. Your support needs to be around medium range if he isn’t Hank. Hank should be just as far away as the medic, but the two shouldn’t be sitting next to eachother.

  4. The trapper needs to be wherever they’re needed. Maggie needs to focus on laying traps before switching to her SMG. Griffin needs to spam his harpoon gun. Abe needs to spam stasis grenades. Your goal as the trapper is to bring him down from the sky.

1)You can dodge Lightning strike. It has around a 2 second charge time, try to time it and dodge at the last second. Lightning strike is his main damage output, and if he can’t land it you’ll kill him easy.

  1. Aftershock can be dodged with one jetpack backwards at all, but lvl 3. At lvl 3 if he’s drops on top of you turn and jetpack dodge away, or jetpack dodge through him if you don’t have room to run.

  2. Shoot the banshee mines

  3. Jetpack dodge vortex if he has lightning strike up as a good Kraken combos this with Lightning Strike for a non dodge able 70% HP hit if both hit.

@Bear_Stream It can only one hit with Albino Sloth and lvl 3 LS with 2 strikes. It’ll deal 70% HP damage.


Well that’s a very unlikely scenario. Usually at stage 1 and 2 the hunters won’t have any strikes, or just 1, and I dounbt the Kraken would have time to get Ablbino Sloth.
Level 3 on the other hand.


Yes Stage 3 Kraken is the strongest thing in the game. He has the weakest early game so he deserves the strongest late game :smiley:


I have the hardest time getting away from good hunters after a fight. My only method that has worked is to down 1 person so that they need to stop.
But even then, I have a brief few seconds before the catch up to me again.


I’ve been getting away not from speed, but rather trickery. Vortex on a tree into a 90 degree turn stealth. It’s been working even against premades, and completely fools PUGs. I’ve also been shooting LS behind me when I’m trying to escape. Dropping a hunter to 20% HP tends to slow them down, and cause the team to split.


Trudat mate. Speed Bonus at stage 1 isn’t half bad, but it’s useless late game so I recommend damage or cooldown.