Serious casual players unite!


I can’t be the only one. I KNOW I’m not the only one. Some of you have to be like me. You’re more hard-core than the average player but you’re not elite enough for the sooper serius tournament crowd. You like to perform well, but when things go to shit, you’re more likely to think it’s funny than to get mad. You encourage teamwork, but if your teammates make stupid mistakes it’s no big deal. You know that Cabot is more optimal for a certain situation than Bucket, but you pick Bucket anyway because he’s a frickin’ robot and that trumps everything. You sometimes wish the hunters had a dance emote. The casual players think you’re uber 1337, but the serious players think you’re a noob. You’re shocked by how much the casuals don’t understand about the game, but you’re also irritated at the elitism and snobbery of the serious players. You fall between the cracks of the community and drift between the two crowds, enjoying the challenge of facing off against the “real” players, but also enjoying wiping the floor with the casuals.

I’m not sure I really have a point here, I just feel like this with most games and the recent beta really brought this to my attention again, and I thought maybe at least one or two other people might feel better knowing that they’re not the only ones. We’re a minority group that’s hard to cater to and so we have a hard time finding our place. It’s good for the serious players to understand, too, because they end up playing with/against us sometimes and get mad when we’re not up to their standards. Don’t get mad, we really aren’t noobs. Take it in stride and tell us what you think would have been a better move so we can up our game the next time that situation comes up.


*raises a glass * Cheers to that! I’m not the best, not the worst. I play for fun, but I also play for serious - I’m glad I’m not alone in this!


i play monster sooper srs because my gamer rage fuels my leap smashes. i support your movement though!!! (id like to be tournament material, college aint gonna complete itself though. nor do i have the time. i gues sim in your bracket!!)


Wish I had the time and most important the skill to be part of the tournament crowd but I will settle for being competitive without the angry that comes when my skills don’t match my ambition. In other words I feel you.


I play to win but I also play what I think is fun. Who cares if Wraith is OP? I’m gonna kick ass with Goliath cause he’s my favorite! :goliath_roar:


You’re not the only one, bro! :v:


Tally-ho there lad! I do enjoy me some serious gameplay and I’ve even done competitions, nothing however is better than enjoying a good game! I feel we are kindred spirits!


-fist bumps for Goliath Master Race-


There are times for fun and games but normally I play to win. I don’t think of my self as an elitist but after hearing that same question the hundredths time drives me up the wall. Bless the devs and moderators for their patience.

I remember a game of evacuation, I played with a newb. The first round no one but me was using a mic. After complementing our support he started using a mic and coordinating with me. Our medic seemed really bad but he assured me it was his friend and he knew how top play.

During the next game he neglected to heal anyone and after watching him attempt to use Val med gun on an egg while the monster evolved 10 feet away I called b.s. but kept it to myself.

The next game he switched to Lazarus. I was playing Abe as trapper and after being focused my the monster. Support was Cabot, I told them to let Lazarus revive me. He did without using the Lazarus device. I saw red for a moment and told him his friend was an idiot and had no idea how to play the game. I explained how the device worked. There was some shouting, I have no problem helping people. In fact I like to help but I hate being lied to. The medic finally turned on his mic after I said I was leaving.

I stayed and after giving him some general and Lazarus related advice. He did several clutch revives and stopped running off from the party.

The defend match was one of the hardest I had ever faced but with my guidance and good communication we won.

I normally dislike playing with noobs. I am always trying to improve and like playing with people who feel the same. I took couple of noobs and helped turn them into better players and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of the beta. Well that and several excellent executed Wraith kills.

At end of the day getting better is good, but making the community better is priceless.


Serious casual players unite!! I’m not alone! I can join you people and have loads of fun, finally I belong :smiley: Also


I’m like you I guess. Except for that part with Cabot and Bucket. Cabot’s the man. Dust tagging all day erry day!


I have found a home.

I think you just summed me up in, like three paragraphs. Have we met?


Being on the competitive scene would be nice… but I’m still going to pick Hyde/Bucket when I damn well please. Hunters also still need a dance emote.


*joins in uniting*

I also feel like too little players are like this. Usually it’s either hardcore tryhard no mistakes mode or what’s teamwork? mode.
We should get some platform specific groups going for people wanting proper teamwork without the pressure of having to tryhard.


Yea. I want to win and get better. I want my teammates to want to win and do well.

But we don’t do it at to the point that games stop being fun or not playing what we enjoy most.


I feel exactly the same way. If you’re a PC player, hit me up on Steam…ID: SledgePainter


I’d like to think I laugh off the shit games, but I’m still a bit too serious about it all sometimes. I’m not in it to compete, I’m in it to get better and have fun :smile:


I refer to myself as “casually competitive,” so you are not alone. :grimacing:

Fun is most important, some losses are frustrating but make me a better player.


I think me and @EyeOfCharon are the exact same when it comes to this game XD im hoping to get to tournament material though and I am gonna work on it XD.


I fall into this category too. I dont want to lose but if i do it is not a big deal.