Separate Stats


Could we please seperate stats between monster and hunter?
Such as wins win/loss ratio on profile, deaths/kills, time played, badges, etc.

Separate win streaks as well. So if you’re winning as monster and play hunter and lose, it doesn’t wipe your monster win streak; instead it wipes your hunter win streak, this works both ways.

I would like the two dots at the top be a clickable option or something, so you can swap between hunter/monster stats on the account you’re on.
These are two very different aspects of the games, with two very different goals in the game. I think we need to reinforce that, and give two different tracking options to the players.

But anyways, I’d love to hear other players opinions on the matter; feel free to comment below.


Still want this to happen. Would like to be able to separate the gameplay, so I can play solo and with friends without those different playstyles clashing with eachother.


@MacMan Please think about it? ^.^


Should probably tag @GentlemanSquirl


We are going to be working on these pages in the future. We’ll keep it in mind.