Separate Ranked and Non-Ranked play-modes


First off, let me point out that I know that there are other threads on this topic, but none of what I’ve seen covers the details as I would. Just wanted to make a few points.
I (along with a lot of other players, it seems), believe this has competitive potential. That’s pretty obvious. The leaderboards were nice in the beta, I liked knowing where I was at, and generally how others were.

I just felt somewhat pressured to do well, in order to maintain a pretty good W/R ratio (and I did so as Goliath, which is all I care about). There wasn’t any way to really practice and build up some good perks before really getting into the thick of things. I managed to try a few strategies, but I feel as if it would be better to have a separate non-leaderboard affecting mode. So, 2 separate modes: Ranked and Non-Ranked. I found myself thinking of CSGO’s Competitive/Casual way of handling things as a good base framework for this, since once can practice in Casual, and then eventually get on to Competitive, which will actually affect their ranking (I’ve barely played Competitive CSGO, someone correct me if I’m wrong).

Now, I’d like to cover a few other things. Both Ranked and Non-Ranked mode should allow XP gain. Non-Ranked mode isn’t exclusively a Private match, which you can queue up with a group of 4 other friends. I haven’t seen anything of Private matches(or Custom, whatever one you can edit settings in), because I’ve been playing PC, and the beta had Hunt mode Multiplayer only. Private matches should not count toward Ranked, that’s obvious.

Ranked mode should have party queueing, similar to how the PC beta went. Players can queue up in groups of 4 hunters at maximum; if a monster and a hunter are allowed to queue up in a Ranked match, one side can throw, and it really isn’t fair that way. Players should also be able to queue up individually as hunters (and obviously, as monster), and be matched against people of similar Win/Loss rates or Win numbers, or however matchmaking would work (I’m not good at figuring that out, so I’ll leave it to someone more qualified).

Also, I’d like to address, as far as quitting a match mid-round goes, I’m sure there must be a way of detecting if it was a player-chosen disconnect, or a network issue. Yes, people can fake network issues, but I don’t see this becoming a massive problem. Even if that happens, there are ways of punishing players.

I may edit this post with an idea I hadn’t covered. Either way, I’m very open to feedback and questions!


Custom games offer progression and mastery but don’t count for Leaderboards. In Custom Games you can play with friends and/or AI. Supposedly, dropping from a match is supposed to count as a loss, not sure if it was working as intended with some of the shenanigans of top leaderboarders.


Custom games definitely shouldn’t count toward Leaderboards, yes I agree with that bit. However, I don’t think Custom games should go toward progression and all that, since certain aspects of the game could be changed to allow rapid XP farming. For example, a team of 5 friends play a match; the monster could intentionally go idle and make things very easy on the hunters’ part, and also make things a lot easier with the settings that could be altered. I had some challenges that took me ages to do; one in specific: players shooting Val’s sniper marks for 12k damage (I personally think that’s absurd, as the average damage per match for the markers was 250-ish). It’d be kind of cheap to allow players to farm that kind of damage, in my opinion.


I agree, but tbh the progression system is fairly easy to work around anyway. The only thing that really takes time are a couple of progressions to unlock elite skins and the final tier. It was relatively easy to get to level 20-30 and then it starts to slow down. By then you’ve already got 60% of the perks unlocked, all of them being at least stage 2. The difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 is a lot more than Tier 2 to Tier 3. In the end the minor bonuses you get aren’t as important as experience/knowledge. Within a week everyone who wants to will be max level anyway regardless of cheesing it. Also look at it this way, if someone has to rely on have 5% more damage than you to win it’s because he’s not a better player. He’ll be playing people who will just be getting stronger as their level increases. If they are a better player than you, they will be winning regardless of the benefit of that.


I see your point; a small advantage won’t help a player win dramatically, and I agree with this. Experience in real matches is so much more valuable. I just though in principle, it’s not exactly fair. Once the perk progression system is more fair (and with some perks it isn’t), gaining XP in Custom lobbies should be fine, I guess.


I feel that the people that will ‘game’ the custom lobbies will also be super high on the xp level that they won’t be getting paired with lower levels. In fact, there is supposedly a different ‘bracket’ once you hit lvl 40. Meaning once you hit 40 you shouldn’t see anyone that much lower than you if ever.


Ahh, well that’s pretty neat. And yeah, I guess for the most part, custom lobbies will just be used casually for people.


I think custom lobbies will be used early on for farming achieves/badges etc…, practicing against AI to get a feel of the game, playing with just a few friends, and eventually for more serious testing and practicing against coordinated teams etc…