Separate matchmaking for premades

As many notice playing against premade is just a nightmare to play against. So how bout giving them a separate queue that matches them against each other ESL tournie style or this one monster player with big enough balls to queue against them? For solo queuing monster that win against w premade, they get special skins and badges to show they the Moby dicks of Goliaths, kraken etc.

What do you guys think?


Honestly I just want guaranteed Monster players when I’m in a premade group of four and to be guaranteed to play as Monster when I search for such.


Yes please. This’d be perfect. You can only enter with a group of four or alone with pref on monster. This’d be so much better.

Unfortunately Evolve already has a dwindling playerbase, splitting that even further maaaaay not be good. :stuck_out_tongue:

This idea might work on consoles, but it’s like reading the funeral rites for the PC version of the game. You can already tell there’s a clear splitting of players happening between Arena and Skirmish, while Evac is pretty much dead already. Adding more fuel to the fire will only make the PC version die out even sooner :cold_sweat:

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That’s why it’s never going to happen. With a bigger playerbase it wouldn’t be a problem.

Careful. Someone might argue that its totaly stable.

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I would really like this, I don’t play pubs as often anymore but when I do I’m in a premade and it’s really annoying getting matched up with people that don’t want monster and just leave. I’m not sure how this would work with the low playerbase pc has though.

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yesterday i played pubs and the monster was an esl monster and rekt us on stage one right after we dropping with aftershock when we landed! we were around level 20-37, it was level 40, he did this 5 times until we all left, it was very frustrating and time wasting!

this players should play against their skill llevel!

the problem is, will there be enough players who enjoy playing against a good premade?

I think ranked mode may cover off some of the issues with this. A top rated monster would only get placed against premades and premades would only get placed against them. I would rather wait 10 mins for a game than flop through a number of hammerings, playing as a team or as a monster. Pub matchmaking is so bad I don’t play as a hunter now unless I have a team because the standard is so low. As a team we almost exclusively annihilate monsters which is also unsatisfying. Best games when we play against each other but need a hard to get 5 players for that.

WE NEED RANKED - this would be a good bandage over that wound, but introducing both would split the community too much so I would prefer ranked. Ranked would give you players of your level to play with and against where this only helps if you already have the team.

I believe the best way to improve the experience of pub matches is to introduce a handicap system. This would provide boosts and penalties based on players records and ability levels. It is just not fun to get stomped repeatedly, and it is impossible to ‘balance’ the game for pubs because of the player variability due to the steep learning curve, and the separate issue of teamwork being essential for hunters against decent monsters.

A handicap system would make balancing easier, but I am not saying it would be easy to implement nor that it would improve all pub matches. If it worked well it would significantly reduce the number of pub stomping matches however and increase close matches for hunters and monsters.

With respect, I wholeheartedly disagree. If the system is good enough to track ratings for this, it is good enough to matchmake based on skill which would be immeasurably preferrable.

Evolve is so tightly balanced that elite masteries break it. Can you imagine being one shot by a crap goliath with a boosted rock throw? you would be raging. Or the other way around the monster expects to be able to kill someone in 3 moves but suddenly it takes 4 and now all moves are on cool down making it much harder to kill them.

We need ranked pretty much. And thats it

I don’t understand your problem, as hunter we need to play in team. The basic rules of 4v1 and coop games.
So I only play with friends if we want a chance to win, we need tactics and communication against you.

If you prefer unorganised team and easy win, play against bots :stuck_out_tongue: haha


This so much ^^ but I can understand why it might be frustrating to get stomped though :s

the problem is that people who don’t main monster are not that good to play against a good premade, especially when you start playin monster in later levels as i do. it’s hard to learn anything. and against bots you cannot learn anything at all!! when they find me, they mostly have several strikes lol

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Would contribute hugely to the fragmentation of the player base, so I don’t think it’s a good idea, for several additional reasons.

Edit: Besides there’s the “get good” factor. If you go online to play and a group of hunters beats you, it’s as fair as anything. if they’re premade, that’s their way to improve the effectiveness of their hunter side. Monster’s is simply to get good, or accept that you’ve been bested.
Otherwise what you ask for could be read as “we want our hunters dumb and served on a plate with salad”.

…which is why we need a ranked mode!

In all seriousness, extracting enjoyment from the game is so dependent on getting a balanced match that I cant believe we don’t have it yet. Also - there is almost no reason to play an unranked game so just having the ranked mode would keep the player base together.
We don’t even need to explicitly show the ranks if people would feel bad about it ( though it would be somethign to work towards) but we need something to split the casuals and the hard core.

The get good factor isn’t fair if he only gets to play against pubs because the matchmaking is so bad.

Further, you really only learn by playing people who are a little better than you. Currently its so diverse that you are either getting stomped or are stomping.
Get good is also a bonus of ranked. There isn’t really a downside as far as I can see it, other than for people who like flattening pubs.

I can understand that :wink:

I agree that matching based on skill would be preferable, but handicapping systems work when balanced correctly. They have been used successfully in all kinds of competitive activities where you are looking to match players of different abilities and still have a good game. It is not perfect just better than having a bunch of one sided matches and assuming a 50-50 win loss ratio overall means that pub play is ‘balanced’. Heck evolve uses a very crude handicap in Evac already.

The number of current players on PC would makes it hard to base pub matches on skill and that still doesn’t account for teamwork at all. Ranked matches will be nice for sure. An in game clan system would have been great as well. Elite masteries are an issue for competitive and higher level play, we’re talking about pub matches where a low skill medic or trapper can determine the outcome before you leave the drop ship.

Your examples seem to assume the match is close already, and that is not what the handicap is intended for. Look at a match where the monster just stages up to 3 without getting domed or taking any health damage against less experienced players, or a monster gets caught immediately and crushed at stage one. Those are not fun matches. It would be more like a weak monster player would get a damage reduction rather than stronger attacks, maybe shorter cool downs, etc. using the buff system already in place. The better side would likely still win, it would just be a more challenging match rather than a one sided rout. It would require play testing a tweaking to get right and is not a perfect solution, but I don’t think there are any perfect solutions.

If you are going to have PuGs in an asymmetrical game with a very harsh learning curve, a handicap system is a great way to prevent Pub stomping that discourages casual and new players rather than trying to balance the game mechanics for competitive and casual pick up play at the same time (an impossible task really).