Separate look sensitivity for consoles


Is it possible to have separate look sensitivity settings for Hunters and Monsters?

When I play hunter I need the sensitivity really low to help with my aim, but when I switch over to monster it’s just too slow to turn around and fight those behind me. This also makes wall pounces more difficult.


Interesting idea. I’ll float it around over here; I’m not sure off the top of my head how difficult that would be.


That would be great! Thanks.


If you are on that issue, it would be awesome if TRS would fix this this as well :smiley:


You know what else would be cool? Is if they had a aim down sites sensitivity and look sensitivity separated


That’s actually a really great idea. I’d never even noticed because I just like high sensitivity all the time, but it would be kinda convenient.


It’s a little trick I learned from playing Battlefront.

If you’re gonna do it you need to adjust it slowly. Make a small change and get used to it. Then change it again. That way you build up to what you want and it doesn’t throw you off your game.


I’ve had the same thought for a while. It would be nice.


Battlefront as in: Star Wars: Battlefront?

If this is the case, I automatically respect you, hands down.


Yeah it’s Star Wars: Battlefront.

But I can’t take the credit for the idea. I had seen it in some random youtube video.


@snowkissed I’ve been seeing other controller suggestions on the form lately.

So I just wanted to ask, if you ever found out if this was possible?



I plan on following up on the other controller options today. I’ll add this to my list!


It would be really nice if you could add in the separate aiming sensitivity for aiming down sights and the normal look sensitivity


@LadieAuPair - I’ll add you as a watcher to the task I put in :slight_smile:

@Purple_Orc - I’m not 100% it’s possible, but it seems it should be. We still have to investigate; it’s been lower priority compared to a lot of the changes we’ve been working on.


@snowkissed @LadieAuPair Thanks for getting back to me.

I know there are more important thing going on at the moment. I just didn’t want this to get lost it the shuffle .