Separate Free Downloadable Tutorials


Is it possible to have separate downloadable playable tutorials for each character? I think this would be a great way to help new players or lesser skilled players out.


I would love this


It would also help save space. After playing the tutorial for awhile, you could simply delete it and start playing that character online.


I really hope they don’t take the tutorials out so many laz players already don’t know what to do, if the tutorials are removed then the Lazarus device would be only for experience players /:


Part of the reason I always use a microphone, so I can tell them to use the Device


I recall there being a short series of basic official tutorial vids on Youtube back when the game launched. Maybe more stuff like that?


Using a mic is an extremely important part of the game. A lot of people disagree but communication is a huge difference maker in most games.


I think @10shredder00 made this suggestion a while back. Would be cool to see, but I wouldn’t personally find them useful. I already know how to play.


I don’t know if he actually made the suggestion. I believe he pointed out that all tutorials were being removed from the game and added as optional dlc.


They were gonna just be put on youtube. Not DLC.


Yes I did,

The whole purpose of the idea to me is simply to provide new users the ability to incorporate tutorials into their games while simultaneously not upsetting the veterans who prefer to have everything found in-game and not as an out-of-game source like Destiny’s lore.

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Free downloadable tutorials for each class
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