Separate balancing for PC vs Consoles?


I’m hoping there will be separate balancing for PC versus Consoles. I fear the gameplay mechanics are currently, and will continue to be, tuned solely for console play. The simple truth is that first person shooters play differently with controllers than they do mouse/keyboard.

Controllers are less accurate and slower to aim. This is why aim assist exists for consoles. Everyone knows this. This is not me trying to claim PC master race or anything like that. When you consider that things are tuned for a slower and less accurate style of aiming, it might be easier to, for example, understand why the Kraken just completely wrecks hunters on PC where twitch aiming is present. Hunters don’t have the facility to dodge a lot of the monster attacks when, for example, the monster can instantly 180 and fire off one of their faster skills. I sincerely hope that gameplay balance will not be universal and that PC will have a different treatment. Everyone knows the money is in consoles, though, which is why I fear we will fall by the wayside.


Abettik, I totally agree.

My friends on X1 kept telling me that the Kraken is a push over. The Kraken on PC is a TOTAL BOSS! Even doing everything correct, shielding the person getting lightninged, all the projectiles and trap are still too much with precision aiming. I was only able to beat one Kraken with my team of friends in party because we think he was brand new to the class. It’s not even fun fighting a Kraken on PC.