Sensitivity Question


I was wondering if anyone knows what the initial sensitivity is set to when you first start playing. I’ve made a couple new accounts to find games and I like the initial sensitivity but I’ve noticed after you go to the controller settings screen it becomes way more sensitive even if you don’t alter anything.


I’d suggest you try adjusting the sensitivity and trying different ones out until you find the one you like. If you like the initial one then you’ll likely end up with it.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. I normally have really low sensitivity so I don’t have a clue what the default one is. :smile:


Thanks for the reply and yeah that’s what I’m doing; I’m sure ill find it or one I like but i was just curious about why it changes just from looking at the controller settings screen


Isn’t there a ‘reset to default’ option? I can’t quite remember.


I looked for one and couldn’t find it but i may have missed it, gonna try again


I pretty much always change it to 100 when I get a game and play like that until I’m used to it.
May not be the best strategy, but I like it that way.

I think most start you off close to 50% of the max.


Found the restore default option but unfortunately it didn’t revert the sensitivity to the original. I think the thing is that when you look at the controller options screen it says the default is 67 but it definitely isn’t 67 until you actually go to the controller options screen. Thanks for the help, the restore default option was a good call; probably my best shot at getting the original setting without trial and error.


wow that’s intense! do you play on pc because I couldn’t imagine it on console lol. and I’ve been thinking I should try getting used to a higher sensitivity


oh and the government is trying to contaminate my precious bodily fluids everyone


I play on PC and XB1


wow props man 100 is so fast


No worries dude. Having the same sensitivity for both monster and hunter is annoying too. I wish they were separate.


i feel the same way :smile:


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