'Senior Writer for Evolve' Walt Williams Leaves 2K


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Walt Williams, a writer at 2K Games who has worked as lead writer on Spec Ops: The Line and senior writer for Evolve and Civilization: Beyond Earth, has left the company.

“Williams ended nine years of working at 2K on Sept. 5, 2014. He took to Twitter to make the announcement, as well as clear up any confusion regarding his work and outline his future plans.
While he’s not leaving the games industry entirely, he will be saying goodbye to AAA game development in favor of indie projects here and there. His involvement in game development will be small in order to work on writing books.
His next two projects that will be released are Evolve and Civilization: Beyond Earth.”

Hopefully this doesn’t mean anything serious for Evolve, we still have @Matthew, who is no doubt writing up a juicy backstory for us all to learn about. This seems to be a case of someone who perhaps got bored doing the same thing, and as stated in one of the articles, he wants to try something different. Williams also praised 2K on Twitter.
This is reassuring news for us, because this means everything seems smooth over at 2K.
Unlike Naughty Dog, who had some issues with staff walking out for other reasons.


Truly sad to see such a talented person leave the team. :frowning:

With such talent surely he will have no problem continuing his career.

I wish him luck!


I’ve always wanted to check out the Spec Ops game. Looked kinda neat.

Sometimes people just need a change of scenery. Good for him doing it. I’d rather that then have him be miserable and do sub-par work on a game. I can’t imagine this is going to be that much of an impact on Evolve, since it’s not a huge story-based RPG. I’m sure there’s still plenty of talent to finish up work that might need to get done before release.


I’m sorry for the team to loose a member, but I’m sure he had his reasons.


Walt was 2K’s head writer dude, not TRS’. He submitted some stuff to us for Evolve early on, but we didn’t use it.

That’s not unusual by the way, I’ve thrown out tons of my own writing on this project, only because the game changes, we experiment with stuff.


Okay, thanks for informing me.
He didn’t have any impact whatsoever on the game, even though he was described as ‘Senior Writer for Evolve’?


It’s prob just a title .


I think being a writer for a large AAA studio would get frustrating. You wouldn’t have as much creative freedom as a smaller company. I would hate to spend hours and hours on story/lore etc… only to have it thrown out because the fat cat in charge thinks they could make more money by dumbing down my story -.-


Anytime you’re working on a project where people are investing several tens of millions of dollars, your artistic sensibilities are going to get frustrated. It’s not unique to the writer position. That’s why we write novels in our spare time. :smiley: But unlike the pet projects we putter away on over the weekends, a AAA project ends up in front of millions of people. That’s worth the frustration.

I think being the writer on Evolve is the best job in video games. I get to write super nerdy science stuff, and hardboiled tough guy dialog. We’re inventing an entire universe here, what’s not to like?


I have no idea what impact he may have had on the game, it’s a big project. But none of his writing made it in. I’m sure he gave feedback at some point that helped make the game better, it’s a highly iterative process.

2K loaned us some writers from The Bureau to help with battle chatter, but Walt wasn’t one of them.


You guys might want to contact media regarding that, since people could be mislead.