Selfish Players: The Cancer that is killing the Evolve community


I really think that this issue is at the root of matchmaking. Get your 3rd choice? I want my first choice so i am going to leave, screw other people. Get Monster? NO WAY! Quits.
Rage Quitters: You guys screw everyone else over. Think about it. You leave, then the game puts another person in your spot. They hate in progress games, they leave. The fact is that playing with a human is always better than a bot, at least 99 percent of the time
We all need to try and play roles that may not be our number one choice for the good of the evolve community!


If I get Monster, I instantly leave. I refuse to play my 5th priority. I deal with playing priority 2-4, i’m not going to play my 5th.


Never say die…that’s how I roll. Even if I get thrown in as monster (my standard no.5) I will play it like I like to party! Of course I understand if people don’t want monster…it is stressful after all! It can really kill your nerves! But, me personally, I stick with it. At worst I waste hunters time for about 4 minutes…at best I actually learn a thing or two and do better next go-around. Trouble with most matches I’m finding is…no monsters! Or, monsters that leave. When I get down to no armor and two bars of health…YOLO! Turn around and strike like you mean it! I don’t want to go down running away.


Or maybe we just need a proper matchmaking system. One that actually works and people would enjoy.


I think a degree of selfishness is inherent to competitive games.

On one hand you can argue that the goal of the match is to win, and the goal of playing is to have fun - getting dropped into a game as your 4th or 5th pushes a lot of players into a direction where they’re not going to achieve either.

At what point does your desire for gratification end up costing someone else their good time? Invertedly, are you willing to sandbag on the behalf of your opponent?


If I get monster…FINALLY!!!


I could attend any role given without no problem. Give me my 5th choice which is support, and I’ll still try my best to be top notch. Now goliath, that’s my baby, I even got him the elite skin so he could look really nice tearing up the hunters.

Some people just can’t use monsters, so when its a given they will quit, but its understandable. People who aren’t good with the monster quit because they don’t want to lose or be humiliated. I respect those people because who are we to force non-monster players to play as a monster?


I bought the game for the hunt, not for the role I have in it. Sometimes it baffles me when people quit when they didn’t get a role they didn’t want, just ask for it and I’ll always trade, I would hope others do the same.


I do think it’s annoying that people quit so much. The thing is, after playing that one match that you may not enjoy, you WILL get a good one- it’ll give your 1st preference and usually a full lobby. That’s the way it’s always been for me- stick it out through one bad match and you’ll get a good one after. Every time, without fail, after over 200 hours of game time.

Plus, you may actually enjoy it more than you think. I originally was never going to play Hunters- I was in love with Goliath, the unique gameplay, the feeling of power- then in the Big Alpha, I was put into a match as Hank. At first, I didn’t enjoy it because I wanted to be monster, but then I actually started really, really getting into it. It was an incredible match, and after that I’ve played more Hunter than Monster. Same goes for Support, Trapper and Assault- never thought I’d like them until I was forced into matches as them. Now I don’t really care what I get, more often than not.

Point is: Just stick it out through one match and you’ll get your 1st preference- and you may even enjoy it.


I really cant. When I want to play monster i want monster. To alternate between the two sides feels just so wrong. It has a slight vibe of vibration and i dont like it.

I like playing monster and i like playing hunter. But just when i am in the he mood.

For the people saying to just swap with another player, that hardly works because most people do not communicate.


I really dislike being the trapper, but i’ll play it if it gives me my 5th preferred role.

I still have a fun time playing the game, regardless of which role I am placed as.

I just don’t like trapper because as important as they are, I tend to feel kind of useless when playing as one. I know I am in charge of leading the group and doming the monster when we spot him, but i’d rather be in charge of keeping everyone alive or shielding an ally in danger/dropping an orbital strike to really set the monster on its heels or even finish a game.

I also enjoy playing as assault, because I feel like I can turn the tides of a fight simply by making the monster go defensive rather than the offensive juggernauts they tend to feel like.

Either way, I love this game and i’ll play whatever role it gives me. I just enjoy some more than others.


Same here, Monster is my last (Just working on Hunters, I enjoy Monster as well!) but if I get thrown into it, so be it. At least they’ll get a good run out of it short of a total Derp-down on my end (It’s happened before… Leap into Tree Branches that cut the leap short, nail an amazing leap for distance right into a pack of birds, trip over the Tyrant… Mammoth Birds… things like that now and then :smiley: )

Hehe a few buds of mine saw me with Elite Skin Goliath the first time a few days back and they were like 'Why the hell would you use that?! You stand out SO badly when you have Armor!" and I just laughed at them with a simple “Well then… come get me! >:)”

On a more serious note… I’m actually BAFFLED by the amount of folks wanting to be Hunter so much more than Monster… Tbh I’d of thought the opposite would have been true O.o


I agree 100%

I used to be frightened to use the monster due to 4 players vs 1, I thought it would be extremely hard for me to use the monster. Then I started with the wraith, and realized that its really easy to manage, so I wanted something that is balanced. I tried the goliath later and figured that it takes some skill to use it.

Today I took out a squad of 4, and 3 of them were lvl 40 and the other guy was lvl 33. But all of them had elite skins, and trust me they took me out at stage 1 but carrion birds gave my position when I was about to evolve. They made fun of me saying “he must be mad for all that hard work for that albino skin” so I stayed another round and proved them wrong. I won and they were all in shock, so I said “all that hard work for those elite skins” They gave me props for winning

TL;DR: Anyone could turn out alright once they try something new and practice.


Yeah, having full armor makes you look really noticeable. But I don’t mind, its my way to show that I have skills with the goliath. If it makes it harder for me, then I’ll enjoy it more. I love me a good challenge.


Playing Monster is way more difficult and frustrating than being a hunter. I understand why some one would leave if they get stuck as monster especially when hunters trash talk you after the round.


I only ever leave if none of team have mics


Elite skin just screams dome me i dare ya.
Cant remember the movie but the line “im not locked in here with you. Your locked in with me !!!” really seems fitting.


I can’t agree any further! Yesterday I had a match with high level players and once I was domed, I took them out in less than a minute (stage 2) they probably regret that decision.


This isn’t as easy as that imo.
Personally i have to be in a certain mood to feel like playing the monster, since it’s playstyle is totally different from the hunters.

Hunters rely on Teamwork and strategy to catch the Monster and try to take it down.
YOu have different Hunters that synergize with each other.

With the Monster you’re on your own, and you have the playstyle of being the big bad final boss.
Sure you feel powerful and playing Monster is great fun for me, but i still need to feel like playing it.

Usually i just want to play either Hunter in general or Monster, so when i put Monster in 5th i don’t really care what hunter class i get, as long as i don’t get stuffed into playing the Bad Boss, which is why i think we might not need a queue for all the classes, but at least for the team you want to play, like in customs/solo games.

Or at least the Teams should rotate more.
When i get a class i don’t want i usually just go with it, because most of the time the classes get a bit roated around in the team.
However, if you get thrown into the monster when it’s your 5th pick, chances are the other 4 are a premade, meaning you’ll always be the monster in this lobby, in which case i will definitely leave.

I don’t really know any other solution, other than making seperate queues for Monsters and Hunters, while another might be rotating teams, in case of the 4-man premades i doubt TRS will change that, since they don’t want to split up premades

just my opinion tho


I dislike monster, because i don’t enjoy the lonewolf and rather play teamwork. Also monster is my 5th priority and i still get thrown in as it.

Maybe it really helps to embrace it and just play it out, but like mentioned i just don’t feel in the mood to play monster most of the time.

Adding an option to disable monster in your preference, would probably clogg up the matchmaking if a majority of people do it. But it would certainly help with the leaving, hunters can embrace the idea of trying a different hunters i guess, but getting matched as monster if you just wanna play hunter i not ideal.

Also this is another public queue problem, if you match with a group of 4 hunters you won’t get thrown into monster if i am correct.