Selecting a preferred class to play


I think the way that you pick your class should be revisited in general. Ok, we had those reports from the beta feedback that most people were playing what they want, but what happens now ? Also as stated by devs, what you have in #5 should be close to never being picked, I remember this quote very good.

For example last night It took me something like 10 games just so I can pick up and play Cabot. I just unlocked him after playing a few games with Bucket and I was so thrilled. Well… along those games I even got to play as monster a few times and that was my #5 role. The games that I got the support role, were all matches that were already in progress and I took over Hank and Bucked few times.

After this frustration I just decided that I will leave games until I’m actually able to pick the class I want to play and after that pick the hunter I want to play.

When we had less players during the Big alpha and the beta it seemed that the system was working better then now.

And one other thing I would like to point out. Don’t hot drop us into a match in progress without confirmation. Atleast that. I prefer to wait in a lobby as ANY other online game there is, then to get into a match with a class or Hunter that I don’t want to play.

Other than all that THE GAME IS EPIC.